Monday, April 19, 2010


BFC Calista

I will admit, I did like the BFC Dolls when
they first came out. I didn't want one in my
collection but Calista wore me down. I
had read what Philly Collector said about
the doll. Then I stumbled on to Roxanne's Doll
diorama story on Calista
There began a shift at
that point. I look at the doll a little more while
searching for other dolls. By the time I wanted
her, there weren't any in the local stores. This
made me want Calista more. What sold me on
her is that she wasn't the one who was
a model or the one who was the air-headed
or the one who was the designer
or the street smart one, she is
the smart one! Then I read that
Philly Collector saw her at Big Lot. So when
I was out that way I picked up
the last one they had!

So here she is! She comes with all of this.

A sweater book bag and diary. Here she is out of the box.

She has a pleasant face.
Like most girls with glasses,
she has a pretty
face behind the glasses!

Pretty black thick hair that is curly.

Here comes the comparisons.
She is smaller than Skipper and Taylor. FYI
Skipper is the same height as but Skipper
is a little thicker in the body than.

She has a flatter body that Skipper and Taylor
and is not as developed bust wise as Skipper and
TaylorI think that is why Roxanne made her
a little younger than Skipper.

Her arms are longer than both dolls!

but they can where each other's clothes...

but not the shoes!

Calista has bigger feet! she does have jointed
ankles. FYI BFC doll skinny leg jeans are too
small for other dolls. They are almost to small
for Calista!

I might have to pick some clothing sets.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Nice photos. Calista's clothing is very nice, very well made and fashionable. The doll can also wear Only Hearts Club clothing. Big Lots in my area had the OHC dolls for $5, but not their fashions.

D7ana said...

Thanks for the comparison photos, Ms. Leo! I always appreciate them ;-D

Thanks also for the additional information about clothes and shoe sharing. I'm glad you got the last Calista.