Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Thrift Store Finds! Woo Hoo!

My Thrift Store Finds!

I was running around trying to get some business
done for my garden club, when spotted one my
favorite thrift stores. I had not been there in a
while. I really shouldn't stop in because
I had a lot to do but I did it anyway!
There weren't many toys the last
time I was there but I was hopeful.
Look what I found! I first saw
one bag sitting by itself. Then I
spotted another bag! Then another bag!
I scooped them up and headed for
the register. The saleswomen said,
Hey... did you see these? It is $3.00!
OK! I will take that too!
I went up the road happy to my next
location! I turned the corner and....
there it was... another thrift store.
I had business to do. So I did that first and
then I went in! So here is my loot!

Bag One

Bag Two

Bag Three

Saleswoman suggestion

This set was such a good price because it had
a little problem! I can fix this!

So....Lets open the bags and see what is in them!
Couch and entertainment center.

The Couch

Barbe models for scale.

The TV only shows sports. Odd for Barbie.
There is a knob that you turn to change the
picture. It rolls the picture.
Table and Lamp!

Green seems to be my color this year!

Chairs! Too flashy for the office. Not sure
where they are from.
Barbie again for scale.

Chair height can be adjusted. They could be
used with Bratz.

At the next store I find these!

Yes! I found Barbie there too. She
is trying to talk me into keeping her.
That is why she appears everywhere.
I love the suit. I am still thinking about

The vase. It is a classic.

Dresser. The hearts will have to go.
Wrong scale.

This lovely bench!

The slats on the seat seem a little wide. You
can't put cushions on a park bench or can you?

I already have a bench but it is smaller and

it rocks. There aren't rocking benches in a park.

Barbie again!

The two benches do look good together.
They do make a nice scene!


D7ana said...

Congratulations on your neat buys, Ms. Leo! Wild office chairs and classic dressers (yeah, I would replace the heart knobs - too big for one thing, too). You were meant to have those cool things.

Aw, that 80s Barbie wants to stay with you and your crew so bad. I can tell by that eager smile. I vote yes, for her to stay with you ;-D

Not that you were taking votes on the matter, LOL.

smidge girl said...

Wow, awesome finds! Good thing you decided to stop in. I love that entertainment center! And the vase is awesome too. Maybe you could add a piece of wood across the seat of the park bench if the slats are too far apart? And I vote yes to keep the Barbie too! She really wants to stay. Not often you find a Barbie who looks so friendly :)

Ms. Leo said...

I think the yes votes have it for Barbie! She will stay. Thanks, D7ana and smidge girl. Smidge girl, I think I will try your idea about the bench. Thanks!