Friday, April 9, 2010

Snow White

Wedding Day Snow White!

One of my favorite doll to play with
is this Snow White. She is the
Wedding day doll. Here she is still in the box.
She didn't stay in the box for long.
She is wearing her original
jewelery of gold and pearls.

I have dress her in this fashion Avenue
red print dress and white sweater with
red trim. She is wearing Cheeta Girl boots.
It makes the outfit young and hip!
It works well with the jewelery.
What I love about her is her face!
She has a very sweet face.
You want to be her friend!
Like most Disney Dolls her head
is large but not as large as some of the
newer Barbies. The large head thing seem
to be on the decline. Thank goodness!

She has a great smile too!

I love her hair too. I was neater but she is
played with so it is not as neat as it use to be.

Here she is without the sweater.


D7ana said...

She's cute in that red dress.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks...It is one of my favorites.