Friday, February 5, 2010


When I first saw the Rocawear Chandra I loved the outfit. I thought her face and complexion were great but I didn't like the eyes. I hate the side glancing eyes. I think they make the doll look sneaky or like she thinks that there is someone behind her. Those eye have put me off from purchasing many dolls. After several years of trying to slightly alter eyes on dolls, I decided to repaint the eyes on this doll. I wanted her to look ahead. This is one of my first real repaint of eyes. So please be kind! I thought that black eye were better with her complexion too. I am not very good a photographing the darker complexion dolls. I am not sure if it is the light I need to work on or the backroung or maybe it is both! I have seen others do a better job than me. I have had trouble with Princess of South Africa and Model of the Moment Nichelle too! Truthfully, I wasn't good at taken pictures before the digital camera. I have gotten better with the digital camera but I am still working on my photos.


Dolls of Color said...

with photographing dark skinned dolls or other items with low contrast between shades, you can try increasing aperture size and exposure time (not too long or you'll get blur) to allow your camera to take in as much information as possible - I also then adjust colour levels in photoshop... if you like, you could email me ( some of your original photos and I'll see if I can play with the levels a bit...

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

You did a great job!

BTW, Trichelle's eyes are side glancing, too. Perhaps not as much as Chandra's, but they are.


smidge girl said...

She looks so nice now! I thought these girls were so pretty, but I didn't like the side glancing eyes either, I thought it made them look mean. But, it she had looked like this in the box, I would have bought her. This is a great transformation!

D7ana said...

Applause! Great job, indeed. Congrats on the eyebrows, too.

I don't mind side-glancing dolls as long as the pupil placement is done well. Sometimes, the doll does look sneaky - which can work for some dolls for me LOL - or shy (I'm thinking of Rie/Lie among my Jenny friends) or flirty.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks gang! I have learned more since I stumbled on to blogs in this past six months than I had learned on my own in the past eight years. I had seen a few interesting things on ebay but couldn’t figure out how they did it. It is through watching what you guys do and the tutorial that I have had the courage to attempt things.

D7ana… I found your site first and the first time I found your blog I spent a week looking through your blog.

Black Doll Enthusiast and Dolls of Color.. you’re my best information sources. If need background, you are the go to sites. You do great pictures too!

Smige Girl... I am blown away by your creativity! Maybe one day I’ll make furniture for my dolls.

I am working on my picture taking with you advice. I look forward to seeing what you do next. I can easily spend hours going from site to site. It has made me realize that I need to get rid of the dinosaur of a computer that I have for something with more memory. I have fallen down the rabbit hole into the Wonderland of doll collecting. I can’t get too crazy or my husband will put me in the loony bin.

D7ana said...

Thanks for the compliment, Ms. Leo!

I enjoy reading your blog posts, too. As well as those of the other collectors/bloggers noted. I get ideas and project want-to-dos seeing what others write and show.

Me, I wouldn't say that you had fallen down the rabbit hole as that your mind is stimulated to learn new skills. Stimulated, exercised mind works wonders toward a sound mind. Sound mind, sound body ;-D

smidge girl said...

Aw, Ms. Leo, you're so awesome, thank you! I love your blog as well, and am so glad I found you. I love that we can all share our tricks and experiences with each other. If the loony bin has dolls, I'll meet you there, lol!