Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kenyan Barbie

Kenyan Barbie Doll Of The World

I have many doll and action figures but I have a few that I like to see on a regular basis. These are the dolls that are always out and the ones that try on the new outfits first. My Kenyan Barbie is one of them. I love all the Shani face mold and she has the Nichelle face mold. I love her large brown eyes, her short frocked hair and her pleasant smile on her red lips. Her red and white plaid with yellow boarder dress and red and white print cape drew me to her.

I really love the back of the box. This might have been the first time I noticed what was said on the back of the back box of any doll. It tells the capital and the landscape of the county, its' languages and ethnic groups. The box says that there are 40 ethnic groups in Kenya. It tells about site to see and gives words in their native language. It takes you from the city to the countryside. It gives info on Kenyan that may have put some young girl on the road to world affairs. The only things missing are a map of the county and a flag. The doll and the box does what toys are suppose to do ... teach and inspire!

Kenyan Barbie is one of the only doll that I purchasesd when I first saw it without it being on sale! I have one doll just for play. I liked it so much I bought one for my niece to start her on the collecting road.

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