Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fashion Trends!

So, it is snowing and I'm staying in. I thought I would start my photo catalog of my dolls today. You really don't know what you have until you start to do something like that. Anyway, while taking photos I saw something.

Have you ever notice that the fashion world will do a new spin on an old fashion trend? The sixties, seventies or eighties fashion will be trotted out and given a "new spin!" Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is not. Our fashion model for today is Stephanie Laurent(Nikki). She is a retro girl who loves sixties "Hippie and Flower Child" fashions. In her mind there is a difference between this type of fashion and "Mod Fashion". She will on occasion combine Hippie/Flower Child fashions with newer fashion accessories.

Here she is looking fantastic wearing her vintage sixties dress with hip boot she found. It is a talking PG dress from 1969.

Vintage pieces don't always stand the test of time or the stress of time but this dress does. If you are unable to find a vintage dress consider this modern alternative.

Here is Stephanie in the Barbie Fashion Fever Fashionista Artsy dress. Notice the similar cut and color palette of the dress. It goes perfectly will with her boots. This dress give our Stephanie modern alternative and increases her wardrobe. Here are the dresses side-by-side.
Stephanie is a talented shopper! That is it for my snow day report!


D7ana said...

Go Nikki with your fashionable self!

Ms. Leo said...

She loves style!