Sunday, December 27, 2009

Another Defa Lucy Male

There was another set of dolls by Defa Lucy at the store. Both female dolls were the same but with a little different face paint. The male dolls were different. Here is the back of the box.

I bought the ethnic male this time too. Here he is out of the box.

He has the Ken "gift giving" arms. The clothes are not any thing special but you can always use a coat and hat.

Out of the hat he doesn't look too bad.

Here is a close up on the face. He look a little familiar! His eyebrow should be black. They are red like the the other male. They don't match his hair. I will have to fix that.

He wears a black sleeveless shirt and white pants with blue stitching and black Ken style loafer.

I think he is a Derek knock off.


D7ana said...

I thought he looked like a 70s Ken or like an older figure. Derek is a great find. (Alas, no Derek's in my grasp yet.)

What about the box text? How Lucy and "her lover" .... That lover bit amused me at first. How many kids would use the term "lover"?

Ms. Leo said...

Yeah, I notice that. Do you think that because they are made a overseas that they don't understand the American sensibility? Or is it bad translation or what? I notice that a lot of the other off brand dolls don't have any text on the box other than the description of the doll and contents of the box. Why they went with that I don't know. Thanks for let me know about them!