Monday, December 21, 2009

Red Head Male from Defa Lucy

I saw Philly Collector's blog about red head male figure! I had been looking for him for a while. I saw him last year at a store but I thought that they wanted too much for him. I was glad to know where I would find him now for a better price. He was part of a pair of two dolls. The female doll was a Barbie knock off that I already had. The male was a little more interesting!

Here is the back of the box. It pictures a Caucasian couple but I purchased the ethnic set. I n the picture on the box he has painted on hair. The doll/figure I purchased a flocked red hair.

There aren't too many male dolls with read hair. This is the first non-Caucasian that I have seen with read hair.


Here he is out of the box. He has red eye brows too!. He is wearing a black corduroy jacket with purple and beige plaid. It is not the best jacket not the worst either. It is not one I think I would put on a guy.

A close up on the face! Not a bad face. As Philly Collector said a "character face". He has jointed arms and legs.

The tee says "Fashion for that makes it dated. I will have to give the tee some thought.

The pants are corduroy too with a leather look patch at the knee. It is on the outside of the leg and not on the inside like riding pants. The difference between brand doll clothes an knock offs is in the turning of the inseam, darts and sleeves. That is the give away. The pants fit a little strange in the crouch. These are dolls...they are not going for a job interview... so it is OK.

I have been told that you really have to consider coloring when dealing with red heads. I thought this shirt make him look better.

I haven't give him a name. Any suggestions?
I purchased another male too. I will show him in a future post.


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Congratulations on your find. The combination of textured, flocked, red hair is quite interesting. Name? Hmmm... Ron (as in Howard). I'm not very creative when it comes to names.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks BDE. I really like the hair. His face is very friendly so he will need a friendly name. OK! One vote for Ron!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Here's another name consideration: Caleb.

D7ana said...

I can't think of a name for him now, but I am glad you found him, Ms. Leo! Thanks for posting the face close up and the comments about his clothes, etc.