Saturday, April 22, 2017

More Of My Purchases!

 Hey Gang!

So I did get some new Fashionista over the past few months!  So let me share
some of them with you!

First up is Color Block Ken!

I first showed  you him and Hip Hoodie when I first saw their pictures on Instagram.
Picture Courtesy of Mattel
I was a fan of this doll when I saw it online but when I saw him in person, I had 
misgivings! I knew the complexion didn't match anything Mattel has put out for an 
articulated body. (I had a hard time with the Twilight Jacob doll and finding a body 
for him.  I am still playing around with him.  I really didn't want that.)   I purchased 
him the second time I saw him and hoped for the best.

I love his shirt!  I wouldn't have put it on him with those pants but the top is a 
keeper. It does look like something for an older man to me.  So some my mature 
men will be sporting this.  The pants aren't what I would put on a male and they 
are too narrow for a curvy doll and that was a bummer.

So I was playing around with the body and found that the body worked on JB head!

So what about vise versa?
So that what I did!

 The body does make him look younger!
 So for the real he Asian or Arabian ?
 I have heard both theories.
 He doesn't have a name yet!

Next up Hip Hoodie!

I told you when I purchased him I already had a Texas AA body for him. I also
had some family for him too.

So here is Dexter and kinda Afro hipster

Here he is with his mother.
Mother: Have you completed everything you need to do?
Dexter: Sigh! Yes Mom!
 Dexter to himself...I can't wait until I'm in a dorm room!
 Mother to herself....Once his is in college, I can work on me!

Lastly is Zig Zag Fashionista Curvy Barbie

I actually thought that she would be the same complexion as Emoji Fun but she
is lighter. She is Cara complexion.
 This isn't actually here body! This promo photo.  Here are are actually straight.

I used the body for this doll.  I had the head waiting for a body. I have had a ton of
Cara heads because the bodies were used as donors.
I kept two this one I have always liked!
It was just finding a body that wasn't a donor for her!

Her head is now on a Disney Tiana body. And this is Sade!  She is my
hood girl!

I need a homegirl around here and she fits the bill.

Sade: That's right I am a ride or die chic!
And don't talk no smack about my fashion or my man or you will be missin' some teeth!

OK, Thanks for Looking!


RoxanneRoxanne said...

Wonderful purchases and awesome new looks for your dolls!

Phyllis said...

Great purchases! Color Block really looks good on the JB body! Good choice. Zig Zag is a favorite of mine too. I see you gave her a shorter hair cut too! She looks so good in that! And Hip Hop Hoodie and his mom are a hoot!

Georgia Girl said...

Nice purchases!! I have considered getting the Hispanic guy but was afraid I would not be able to match his body. Seeing your post has changed my mind.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments RoxanneRoxanne, Phyllis and Georgia Girl!

RoxanneRoxanne, Thanks! In the process of organizing doll clothes I am finding some interesting combinations.

Phyllis, Yeah, the long hair is a little too much on her and I hated the pink lips. She now looks like someone I might see at the bus stop! Now she needs a smartphone and a big handbag. Dexter is part 1 of a series.

Georgia Girl, So you are saying he is Hispanic? I haven't heard that one. I have to turn that over in my mind for a minute. If you do it, you will need the one with the swivel neck.

Vanessa said...

Love your new purchases. My "Sade" has been sitting in my dining room boxed for several months now. The short hairstyle seems to be popular for her. I can see why. It looks so good on her. I like the outfit you chose for her, too. I also like the uniqueness of Dexter's mom.