Monday, April 10, 2017

New purchases!

Hey Gang!

So I have made some new purchases over the holidays and the new year! I
am soo behind! You can't believe how far behind I am!  So I try to catch
up and share them with you!

I found this skeleton at the thrift store!

I have always wanted one since I seen one in the  ME office in Roville!
Does anyone remember her ME office?
He needs I little help but I think I can make him work!

I could use the bones as a Native American artifact. 
Apollonia: Then I would be involved!  And maybe my new fellowship student!
Ramone:  Who Me?

Or maybe it will be used for a murder mystery! 
The police team: And we will be involved!

So I found him with this guy! they were in the same bag.

 He also could use some help!
While shopping I also found this girl!  Skelita!

I had thought she would be good to sell until I got her home!  Something about her
grew on me. I remove her close and was surprised at her body!
 I really kinda like her body without the clothes better!
 Oh don't look!
Sorry hon! We are looking!
She really has an interesting body.  More so to me that the other dolls I have seen.
 She doesn't have jointed ankles but that because she has high heel feet.
 She has an interesting face too!That photographs well!
Graceful hands...
  and breast-chest!
 Skeleton: I really like your breast bones!

Skelita: You are such a mess!
 Skelita: Let's dance!

Skeleton: You are so like on your feet!
Skelita:  It is the lack of flesh and organs.  I am light!
Skeleton:  I'm going to spin you!

Skelita:  Alright see you later!
 Skelita: Maybe on Halloween!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


BlackKitty said...

These are great finds! You could bury that skeleton and shoot some archaeology scenes, or make parts of it come out of tombs for Halloween! How fun! And I love Skelita! I wanted one since I found out they were making a skeleton girl but somehow the ones I was coming across were ridiculously expensive...

Phyllis said...

Aww, what a cute couple!

Georgia Girl said...

Cute couple!! Lol!! I see how you like her body. It is interesting. Nice finds!!

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Nice new purchases! I've seen skeletons as decorations around Halloween, but not any that appeared to be 1/6 scale. I'd buy one like that.

D7ana said...

Congrats on your finds! A Power Team female - the blonde - that's a specially good find.

The skeleton and Skelita dance-dalliance was cute.

Thanks for sharing.

Male Doll World said...

I have her and never knew her body was a skeleton. Wow that is cool.

Jewell said...

Cool new dolls. Ramone is so handsome!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments BlackKitty, Phyllis, Georgia Girl, RoxanneRoxanne, D7ana, Male Doll World and Jewell!

BlackKitty, Yeah, I am coming up with a ton of storylines for these two! I never thought about buying her until I saw her in the thrift store. She was under $3.00.

Phyllis, Thanks!

Georgia Girl, The body is really what got my attention. I wash everything from the thrift store when I get it home. She was interesting to wash!

RoxanneRoxanne, The last time I saw a skeleton 1/6 it was 10 years ago at a craft store. All I have seen since are like 14 inches.

D7ana, I have had Trina Trent ( blonde PowerTeaam) for a while! I love her and yes she is hard to find. She needs more blog time!

Male Doll World, Don't Tell me you have her in the box! Let her out!

Jewell, Ramone is one of my favorite new purchases​!

Jamie Ghione said...

I wish I had found these! They would have been perfect for something I just made. See here: