Thursday, November 12, 2015

Suzie's Family!

Hey Gang!

So you remember Suzie from a previous post!  Well before I continued with it, I wanted
to let you meet her family!

Here is Suzie's Family!
Her brother Nate!
Nate: You look tired!  Are they working you too hard?
His daughter Jade!
Jade: Dad, we should take her to dinner!
Suzie: I couldn't ask for a better niece! 
Nate: OK, We'll all go to dinner tonight!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


jSarie said...

A nice-looking family! What kind of doll is Nate?

Vanessa said...

You can tell they are family! Who is the guy?

Farrah Lily said...

Nice to meet them all! Everyone deserves a break from work every once and a while and to be able to go out to dinner. :)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments jSarie, Vanessa and Farrah!

jSarie and Vanessa, Nate is King of Siam 1999 by Warner Bros The King and I film! The film and the dolls weren't very popular. I have Anna too and have been debating sell her for years. She insist she should stay and get a story! We will see!