Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November And Native Americans!

Hey Gang!

In keeping of the year of the children, I wanted to show you some new addition to
my play scene.  I purchased these dolls as a set off of Esty!  They are Dancing Brook
from Kids Kore.

I purchase the two dolls because they were cheaper than I saw one doll selling
for. They came with these really great outfits too.  But I have other plans for them.
After I paid for them I realized....you got it...that one could be a boy.  The boy that
Kids Kore does is way smaller so it make sense to make one a boy.

They are a little smaller that the old Stacie doll. They have wire in their legs to
make them bend and hold in place.  Their hair isn't as nice as Mattel doll and it was
a Hot Mess too.  Lots of conditioner for these two!
So here is Dancing Brook and Two Feather!
 Yes, they are twins!
The clothes are a mixture of Bratz, Mattel  and off brand doll clothes.

I have restyled my Bison (Kocoum) doll also!

I worked on his Mohawk some! He keeps his hair pulled back except for the
one braid. and he got some jewelry.  I make that for him!  He loves it.

 He really liked this Liv doll shirt and Ken Black jeans.
 I re-bodied my doll onto a tall AA body.  He is now tall that many of the men
around here.
 I do miss the tattoos on the body I might have to try my hand at that too!
 His height make him a bit imposing!
Rae got her ceremonial dress!
 She is a jewelry designer so she will add some jewelry to hers!
 Her husband love it on her too!


OK, Thanks For Looking!



Janainah Frye said...
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Anonymous said...

Great transformation, I love your guy's hair and the necklace! The kids are very cute :-).

The grandmommy said...

WOW! You did an awesome job on both dolls! Did you make Rae's dress? I know her jewelry will be cool too!
I would try nail decals for the tattoos.

Phyllis said...

Bison looks great with the added height and I also like what you did with his hair. The Liv shirt suits him too. Rae looks very nice in her ceremonial outfit and the twins are definitely a great addition.

Janainah Frye said...

I don't think Bison is that much taller to be out of place with the others. He's a decent height. Please show the tattoos if you do them. The worst that can happen is you remove them. Or maybe you can use some tattoo stickers and then if you don't like them, you can always take them off.

The twins are a nice addition.

Farrah Lily said...

I love the little ones! They have such sweet faces. Great transformations on everyone :)

Vanessa said...

The twins are perfect. I love them. Great job on Bison and Rae looks very pretty in her outfit.

jSarie said...

The kids are cute - and even more so once you redressed them! :)

And Bison's new body really suits him (and how did I never realize that there was a Kocoum doll?).

Georgia Girl said...

I love Rae's dress! Very nice! The twins are cute. It is nice to have a diverse group of children to add your families. Congratulations on getting them.

Brini said...

That a pretty good match. That's the only reason I haven't body swapped him, yet. I love the tats.

Muff said...

That Liv shirt goes well as an Indian design.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Linda, The grandmommy, Phyllis, Janainah, Farrah, Vanessa, jSarie, Georgia Girl, Brini and Muff! I do like doing over dolls now. I was afraid at first. Now I just need an idea of what I want.

Linda, I need to make more things for my dolls. If I do that, then I can more money buying dolls! :)

The grandmommy, I didn't make Rae's dress. I purchased it and three other for a lovely women on esty!

Phyllis, I have seen a couple of Kocoums on Facebook! I know I wanted mine to look different. I found the twins on Esty too! They were a no-brainer when I say them.

Janainah and The grandmommy, I am looking at sticker and nail art. I might find something there.

Farrah, Sometimes you just get tired of the same old thing!

Vanessa, I now need to do more stories using the twins!

jSarie, Kocoum has one of the best face of all the Disney men!

Georgia Girl, One of the hardest things is to have a diverse group of children to add your families

Brini, I am going to have to practice at the bear paws! I do have another idea I might try too!

Muff and Phyllis, That is what I thought when I put the Liv shirt on him!

Neytiri said...

Great transformation for Bison, he looks handsome and manly ;D From which doll you took ken AA body for Kocoum?