Monday, August 31, 2015

Adding New Things For Sale!

Hey Gang!  

I'm adding new things for sale on my Mister Dollface site!  I will also post on
Facebook on Barbie Dolls and Accessories for sale and Trade.

Flava/Fashionista Hybrid
 AA Steven
 Justin Beiber

 and Monster High girls!

Frankie Stein
 and Draculaura 

I will add a few more thing so please check me out on Mister Dollface if you 
are interested!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Muff said...

I never heard of the Mister Dollface site before. It looks interesting! Good luck with your sales.

Ms. Leo said...

I like both Mister Dollface and the Facebook Barbie Dolls and Accessories for sale and Trade. That I know of, there isn't anything else like the old The Dollpage site!

Ms. Leo said...

I've sold the Liam hybrid and 5 other dolls! Woo hoo! I hope to sell more. I got great interest from Facebook!