Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lori Doll and Video of the Month!

Hey Gang!

While at Target I stumbled across the new Lori dolls.  They were formally
the Our Generation mini dolls.  I guess that they were so popular that they
got their own line!

They are the same size as the old dolls but they have more character and more
ethnic dolls! Woo Hoo!   At my local Target there was one black/brown doll!
There are a few dolls with pets and single dolls.  They cost a little more than
the old dolls but I think they are worth it!
 Classic outfits and great shoes too!
And there are outfits too!  The old Our Generation outfits were nice but these are 
even better!

I think my Cecile would look great in this outfit!  I really hope the other dolls
show up here!
I found this videos on Youtube.

There is furniture, a car, a house, dance studio and accessories too!

               Check out all of these videos and get your shopping list ready!

 OK, Thanks for Looking!


Janainah Frye said...

They have some really nice accessories in that line. That OG mini house is awesome.

Anonymous said...

The accessories are very pretty, I like the car and camper a lot. The furniture looks very cozy too :-).

Georgia Girl said...

Very nice! I will have to check Target this weekend. Their little clothes are adorable.

Muff said...

Great accessories! Thanks for the videos too.

Tracy India said...

Thanks for posting this Ms. Leo. I wonder if these items will fit Barbie...hmm. I know I will be purchasing a few of these for my daughter as Christmas presents. :-)

Bnova said...

Thanks for posting this. I never thought about any of the minis. Btw, how big are they and can they be used as Barbie-sized children?

The grandmommy said...

I like this line! I have the camper new but has a crack in the back now. I plan to sell it deeply discounted. Thanks for letting me know about these pretty ladies!

Carrickters said...

These look very cute. I'll have to check out our local Target store to see if they are there. I have seen the full size Our Generation dolls but I have never looked for the minis before.

The Dorky Doll Collector said...

Hi! you have been awarded!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Janainah, Linda, Georgia Girl, Muff, Tracy, Bnova, The grandmommy, Carrickters and Dorky!

Janainah, Linda and Muff, Yeah, I like the accessories! The camper, car, and house are really cute. You don't often seen all of that in one line.

Muff it is always nice to find a video!

Georgia Girl and Carrickters, Please check out your Target and show us what they have!

Tracy and Bnova, the dolls is 6 1/2 inches tall. The size of a Barbie child. Some of the accessories might be usable for Barbie but most will be too small.

The grandmommy, is your camper the same color as this one? What dolls do you use it for?

Dorky, it will be a good while before I responded to the award. I have a series of post that I have been working to do first. Yours is the second award I've been nominated for.