Monday, August 10, 2015

Barbie Got A New Job!

Hey Gang!

So lately Mattel seems to have just rehashed barbie careers teachers, vets, flight
attendants, and chefs.  They should try construction worker, parking meter reader
and librarian.  I'm just saying! There hasn't beenany thing new with cool accessories
either!   The other day I saw this Barbie in Walmart!

They are calling her an eye doctor! Because there are three types of eye care
professionals, ophthalmologist, optometrist and optician, it was hard to give
her a title.   Maybe children don't know  the difference either.  So I guess eye Doctor!
Anyway here she is.

They are still overusing the Desiree head-sculpt!  She is wearing glasses too! Booo!
Mattle, we know you have different head sculpts! We seen them now!  So use them.

She comes with a lab coat and dress that is a shirt/skirt combo.  I wonder is the
back of the "skirt" has the same design?
 She has a young patient.  They have taken the shine of of the young dolls now.
They were really shiny before.
 There are 4 pair of glasses! I think they must be kids glasses.
 I guess we will have to wait to see!
 and eye chart...
a chair and  phoropter/refractor ( yes that is what that crazy thing is called)!
I can just hear the doctor say " which one looks better, the first one or the second one".
Me: can you do it again?  I couldn't tell.
I hope the chair can fit an adult doll like Ken too!
The Glasses!
I'm I'm request that My Froggy Stuff do stuff like this! 
I always love to see what she can do!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


D7ana said...

What timing! I just saw this doll the other day, too, lol.

While it's tiresome to have so very many Desiree faces, this one has lovely screening.

Georgia Girl said...

I love this set. I am waiting for it to go on sale.

Jewell said...

It's about time! I was growing tired of the same old careers, too. That eye doctor set is super cute. The little girl and the accessories really make the set.

jSarie said...

I do love all the little accessories they have in these sets. I just wish they'd made them more articulated - but I suppose you can't have everything!

Farrah Lily said...

I agree with jSarie about the articulation! Although it's the only thing stopping me from buying them so I guess that's kind of good (for my budget) lol. Yeah, and it's too bad they don't shake the face mold up a bit!

The grandmommy said...

I always like doll eyeglasses and sunglasses. tTis catches my just for those! One for an adult and one for a child? Awesome

Brini said...

This set does have great accessories and if I find one I just might get it.

Muff said...

Agreed! I would love to see My Froggy's take on this.

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

Phoropter - so that's what it's called! (I can never tell which one looks better either...) Sadly it doesn't look like it can be adjusted to the height of an adult doll, but on the other hand the kids' glasses are really cute.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments D7ana, Georgia Girl, Jewell, jSarie, Farrah, The grandmommy, Brini, Muff and Anderson's All-Purpose!

D7ana, I now going to have to check her screening. All I notice was the same old face.

Georgia Girl, what to you think is a good sale price?

Jewell, I feel the same way! If we want our future young ladies to know that there a many job options, they need to see them.

jSarie, I hope if we all put articulation into the universe, the universe will hear us!

Farrah, shaking it up would be a really good thing. I look at the avatars we bloggers use. They are all different. Mattel could do that just to keep things interesting!

The grandmommy, I think there is one for an adult and four for the child. I do think that the accessories would be better if they worked for adults and children.

Brini, I hope you find it then!

Muff, I knew I could count on you! I sent the suggestion to My Froggy Stuff on Facebook. I got my fingers crossed!

Anderson's All-Purpose, it would have been nice if it was adjustable! I do have enough doll glasse to make it work.