Monday, August 17, 2015

The Addition Of Hispanic Kids! Update!!!!

Hey Gang!

In keeping of the year of the children, and yes the year is almost over, I want to introduce some new Hispanic kids!

First up is Cal!

Cal is one of my OOAK Only Heart Club (OHC ) boy makeovers!  

His name is Calderon but everyone calls him Cal.  

It will be arriving in town shortly with his little sister Rita!

Rita: Hi! I’m a princess!
Cal: Si mi hermana, eres una princesa!

I got this OHC doll that I’m calling Rita inside a bag of mostly craft supplies I found at a thrift store.  I didn’t notice her until I opened the bag.  I had planned on selling her but Cal needed a sister.



Next up is Raul Santos!

I forgot to mention that Raul is an OOAK Moxie Girlz Mini doll.  He is Cameo done to look like a boy on a Mattel Stacie body.  I wanted a straight arm body for him but all I had was this one.  I have been wanted to do him for a long time but I haven't seen the Cameo doll locally.

I removed his lip color and some of his eye paint.

I had thought about making his name Antonio because his eyes reminded me of the cat in Puss In Boots 

but I went with Raul.  His is a second cousin to Lola  and a third cousin of Aya and Annyah.  

He coming to live with them after his mother goes missing while his father is in jail!  He needs the benefit of a warm and loving family like the Maces.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Muff said...

It is so interesting what a change in hair length will do for those Club dolls. He totally looks like a boy now.

The grandmommy said...

Glued to screen. I feel a story is about to begin soon! Your little Hispanic folks are real cuties!

Marzenna Bajarka said...

Good morning! I really enjoy your collection of dolls ! And I really like such passions as yours. Best wishes!

Vanessa said...

They are all so cute. Raul has the prettiest eyes. So does his cousins.

Janainah Frye said...

Rita is just so adorable. Looking forward to the stories about the new kids and their families.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Muff, The grandmommy, Marzenna Bajarka, Vanessa and Janainah Frye!

Muff, the OHC dolls have such a strong jawline that they easily change the look when you cut the hair. I really think the company had to work hard to soften their look.

The grandmommy, If only I could put the stories to blog as fast as they come to my head!

Marzenna Bajarka, welcome to my blog! Thanks you. My love for dolls and what can be done with them has grown over the years.

Vanessa, Thank you! Raul has been in my mind since I first saw the Moxie mini. After purchasing Amorie, I went back and there weren't any cameos at my area Targets! I waited almost a year to find him!

Janainah Frye, if I have not welcomed you, welcome to my blog! I have a story that I am working on now!

Brini said...

Now that how to get some new kids for REAL! I love it.

D7ana said...

Clever way to increase your young male collection.

Carrickters said...

The OHC dolls make great boy dolls. The Moxie one was a real surprise - she looked so feminine but those changes you've made make her a really cute him.