Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mattel Fashions!

Hey Gang!

Ms. D has been pestering me about purchasing some of the new single fashion
packs Mattel has out.  I have gotten her anything new lately so she feel she
is due! 
Ms. D:Yes, I am due! More clothes and blog time!
If you haven't seen the items here are a few.

I recently purchased two of the items above.  The live, love, laugh top and the
print skirt.  I also like the black and white stripe and polka dot dress below.

Unfortunately, the  dress was too tight for the belly button body that Ms. D
is on.  I guess it is made for the smaller new Fashionista dolls.

There wasn't enough hip room to get her in the dress.
Ms. D: Now you know it was the dress and not me.  I eat like a bird! Why I'm still
runway weight!

So: Rwanda got the dress because she is on a Disney body which is smaller in the
hips! Rwanda is the name that I have give this Fashionista(BCN36CJY45) doll.
I just finished watching again Hotel Rwanda and decided I liked the name.
Ms. D did get the CJV75 Fashionista dress!
Ms. D: It is a little short but I can make it work!
She also wanted this top too. Thank goodness she was able to fit it!

Ms. D: So many graphic tee are for teens but this one is not just for teens!
I feel like I can see a bright future when I wear this!
Next I purchased this set with a Native American print.  I purchased it with Nakoma
in mind. Granted, most Native American prints don't have a lot of pink in them but
it still is kinda cute.  The beige boot are a great plus.

Here she is in the outfit!  Nakoma didn't think the purse was really her.  I'll have to
find a purse to go along with the outfit.

Nakoma: I really like the pink vest!
This outfit because it is not for Fashionista is big enough for belly button bodies.
Nakoma will also get the print single skirt too.

I plan to change the pink piping. I might make it black or purple or turquoise.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


jSarie said...

Those are some nice finds - I was digging through the clothes section of a local Barbie aisle earlier today and didn't find half as many options!

Janainah Frye said...

I'm sure Ms. D is now happy you are working on her wardrobe demands. Nice purchases.

Linda - Darkroom Dolls said...

Cool outfits! All the ladies look fabulous in their new clothes :-).

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Very nice selections.

I just saw the fashion with the Camp Barbie tunic yesterday (online). Mattel is attempting to step up their game in the separates department, fashion wise and price wise.


Anderson's All-Purpose said...

Those Native American print leggings take me back!

D7ana said...

Nice to see all your girls - shown - got something new to wear.

Brini said...

I was in Walmart for a minute and didn't see any new fashion packs. I might check out TRU and see what they got.

The grandmommy said...

Oh boy another reason to shop! I like all of them and they look great on the dolls you chose to put them on!

Farrah Lily said...

Really cute clothes! I'm with jSarie...not much in my local Walmart either! That's a great idea to put the fashionista no a Disney body...even though it's still not perfect, at least they have better posing!

Muff said...

I am digging these outfits. I like the varying lengths and that they are stepping away from the previous hoochie wear.

Georgia Girl said...

Ms. D looks great in everything you put on her. I love the new fashion. I have not seen it at any of Walmart's yet. Target seems to have the fashions for a higher price so I don't purchase them there or TRU. That pink vest is a must have. Go Mattel!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments jSarie, Janainah,Linda's-Darkroom Dolls, dbg of BDE, Anderson's All-Purpose, D7ana, Bini, The grandmommy, Farrah, Muff and Georgia Girl!

jSarie and Brini, It has been rather hit or miss as to who has what in doll fashion. You really have to check around now.

Janainah and Georgia Girl, Ms. D is a fashion hound! Georgia, I didn't realize Target costs more!

Linda's-Darkroom Dolls, Welcome to my blog! Thanks! They do look good if I must say so myself!

dbg of BDE, It is nice to not have to buy a pack for one thing!

Anderson's All-Purpose, the 90's are back! For better or worse!

D7ana, They are all happy they got something!

The grandmommy, Thanks! I need to pay more attention to what doll wears what.

Farrah, I find a lot of Disney bodies cheap in thrift store. Way cheaper and more often that fashionistas!

Muff, No more Bratz clothes for Barbie!

Jewell said...

Thanks for sharing these pics! I've been on the lookout for the new fashions, but have only found a couple so far. Nakoma is too cute in her new outfit. Which body is your blonde Fashionista on if you don't mind me asking?