Friday, February 14, 2014

Keyshia And Some Other Things!

Hey Gang!

So in my last post showed you my Keyshia doll and the second one they sent me!
Since then they sent me a third doll! I don’t know why but they did. I have put
the third doll up on the Dollpage for sale. So if you like what you see,
check me out on the Dollpage

 So where I left off was with my second doll arriving!  She too didn’t have sandals or
earrings. I don’t know why but she doesn’t.  She also has black flat shoes.  That not a
problem for me.  I would have rather seen the doll sold in these shoes.  Keyshia look
more like a colorful sandal girl to me anyway. 

                                                                      No earrings!

If you who haven’t seen pictures of the Keyshia doll, here are my two girls side by side. To me she looks like a young Michelle Obama.
 If you read this post anywhere other than

It is a fake!!! Run!!

The Weekend fun doll has a green shirt (it looks like two pieces but it is one) and
jeans with her black shoes. 

The jeans are a little bit relaxed for my taste but you know those young kids.

Keyshia is about the size of the new Stacie doll.

So much so that their bodies look surprisingly similar!



I have wanted a Stacie with articulated arms.  This only makes me want one more!

 Feet are the same size!  This really looks like Stacie's body in brown!

They can fit each others close too!

New topic!

For V-day I got my self this doll!

I was supposed to go away for the weekend but the snow did us in.

                                                              I re-bodied my Jazzie doll!  
 I wasn’t going to find a Fashionista body her complexion so this body will have to do! 

She is jointing a dance team!

Martina has been pestering me for some clothes.  She is a real nudge!
 Ms. Leo: Happy Now!
 Finally, I got a body for the other head that for the re-root that Cyano of  
Cyano Dolls & Rerooting did for me!  Thanks Again!
Trisha: Excuse me but could I get a skirt that is a little longer!

I painted her eyes.  They were purple.  Not bad if I must say so myself!


OK, Thanks For Looking!


Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Hi Ms Leo,

The TRU Keyshia's eyes are definitely different than my dolls's eyes. I like the difference. Good luck selling the extra one they sent and thanks, I think, for enabling me. Will tell you more later.

I enjoyed the Keyshia/Stacie comparison. It is good to know the two can share clothing.

You did do a good job with the eye reprint.


Vanessa said...

I can't wait to add Keyshia to my collection. I need to make a TRU run soon. Nice eye painting job. I'm so proud of you for making it happen. Love that sweater, too. I'm sure more of your dolls are looking forward to you making them some sweaters.

At Christmas time I discovered my next door neighbor of 13 yrs crochets. I kindly took her my Barbie crochet book and a Barbie. LOL.

Phyllis said...

There is a third Keyshia -- School Days Keyshia. She has a school uniform on. I got two from TRU online (I had free shipping). I think all of the TRU Keyshia's have the black flats and no earrings. I had purchased the other two models from eBay and they had the sandals and also had earrings. I got 2 of each model. I kept 2 of the Keyshia's in tact and the others as body donors for my black Todd, bowling Stacey (I hated her bowling arm!) and Calista. Worked out pretty good!

jSarie said...

That Keishia/Stwcie comparison is really interesting - I'm surprised at how similar the the torsos are!

And the eye painting looks great!

Anonymous said...

The new eyes look great. Hahaha, if they keep sending you new dolls, you can start your own exclusive internet-shop soon!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments dbg of BDE, Vanessa, Phyllis, jSarie, Nymphaes!

Have you noticed that she is no longer sold on the TRU page! She is listed as in store! I don't think so!

dbg of BDE, I guess that means you purchase more dolls! LOL! I hope you post pictures!

I'm not as scared as I used to be to try painting anymore. Thanks for the complement.

Vanessa, now you know you should buy the one I have up for sale! Hit me on my email and let's talk! Trisha is my new fave! I have to give her a story now. I have a problem with stories just on the young. My older folks will get some play! Oh, To the left! That is the sweater line!

Phyllis, I would love to see pictures of the third doll! I would love to see head swaps too. I'm going to follow you in hopes of pictures. No pressure! LOL!

jSarie, Thanks! I wonder if there is a copywrite thing going on with the body. Too close if you as me.

Nymphaea, sadly, I can't get any more on line! I was feeling a shop coming. She is selling for 19.00 on eBay!

Vanessa said...

I only want to buy one Keyshia doll, and they seem to have so many different face ups for her. The picture that is showing on line at TRU is different than the one you have. I like the one on the web, but I would be scared to order her on line for fear of what I will get. So my plan is to try to find her locally, so I can pick the face I want. How many factories did they have making that one doll? Goodness. I'm sure yours will sell, especially since you are offering to ship her without her box.

The grandmommy said...

Love that sweater. I don't get those purple eye looks either! lol

Dolls are always more fun with they articulated!

Marta said...

Helo from spain: I like you Keyshia. Great job with the painting of the eyes. I like to see the comparison of bodies. Very interesting. Keep in touch.

Muff said...

Not a bad paint job indeed, Ms. Leo!

They are just giving those Keyshia dolls away, lol.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Vanessa, The grandmommy, Marta and Muff!

Vanessa, Good luck on finding the doll of your dreams! Ordering is kinda scary!

The grandmommy, Thanks! I have seen some black people with natural blue, green and gray eyes but never purple!

Marta, Thank you! I love to do thed comparisons!

Muff, I don't know if they are but I'm going to keep checking my mail!

Iván Ventajas Martín said...

Hi could you tell me what body did you use to rebody your jazzie? I want to rebody too. Thanks

Ms. Leo said...

Ivan, welcome to my blog! There are Jazzie doll that are lighter and darker but most have a tan. I rebodied my with a Disney Esmeralda body. She can't wear heels with that body but you can also try a Generations Girl Ana. That might work too.