Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Purchases, Rebodies and Things For Sale!

Hey Gang,

I purchased a Kenya Keyshia doll from TRU.  I purchased the Special Day Keyshia!

Picture for TRU site

My doll! Picture not as clear:(

When she arrived, she looked different than the doll pictured. She didn't have black sandals. She had ballet flats. BTW, I am still learning my new camera so some of my pictures aren't as clear as I would like.

Her ears didn't have earring either. She did come with the hat but I missed placed it.
She is still a very lovely doll and I did like her so I contacted TRU about the things
I noticed missing with the doll!

They said that I could keep the doll they sent me and that they would send me a new
doll!  Woo Hoo!  So I waited for my new Keisha doll to come!  What did they send me?

It was a Weekend Fun Keishia! The one I didn't have!

And guess what... no sandal and no earrings!

I now have two dolls for the price of one so I'm not complaining.  I also think
I will get more use from the flats than the sandals. I did a photo shoot with
Keyshia that I will show you later!

Now to the re-bodies!

I re-bodied a Sparkle Girlz dolls onto a Mattel Janet body!  The body isn't the
best match but it is not too bad. I posted a link to a post Black Doll Collecting 
did on the dolls!

The head is a lot closer in proportion to this body than the body she was on.
She is now called Lailah.
Lailah: I like my new body!
Adallah got re-bodies too!  So this will be a re-body and thrift store finds section.
She also go a new outfit from the thrift store that reflects her heritage. 
She is from Uganda and has some Indian heritage.
She really likes the outfit and was glad that no one else saw it first.  She needs
jewelry to complete the look!
She did get these shoes.  They need a little bling too to make the outfit work.
I found this manikins in the thrift store too. The were .90.  I couldn't leave them!
I might use them to show native outfits sometime.  Adallah is admiring them.

Finally, this is another item I have up for sale!  

This cute baby!  

So check out my Dollpage site!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


D7ana said...

Congratulations on your new dolls, especially the two Keyshias! Go on, Ms. Leo, that is cool that they sent you the second doll.

Only question - are the TRU Keyshias articulated? (Crossing my fingers.)

Thanks in advance.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Hi Ms. Leo,

Both your Keyshias definitely have a different head sculpt than my dolls. I wonder if Toys R Us received a different lot. My dolls are identical to the prototype photo you shared. This is weird. I am almost tempted to order one from TRU to see for myself.

Great job with rebodying the other two dolls!



Carrickters said...

Nice of them to send you another doll even though it didn't have the missing items either. And it was great that it was one you didn't have. Great rebodies too.

RoxanneRoxanne said...

Cute dolls! Your Keyshia's do look slightly different. I like Lailah on her new body.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments D7ana, dbg of BDE, Carrickters and RoxanneRoxanne.

Yes D7ana, they are articulated! That is one of the best things about this doll!

dbg of BDE, do you really think that the head is different or just the paint job? I do think like people, when you pull the hair back, the fac looks different. I did notice the difference in the thickness of the eyebrows and the painting of the lips and eyes. I think that it might be the machinery. I would love to see what the reject pile looks like! LOL!

Carrickters, I think that they didn't send the same doll was a mistake! I'm quite happy with that mistake! I love my re-bodied dolls. They need stories now.

RoxanneRoxanne and dgb of BDE, don't forget it could be my photos too that make the doll look different.

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

I didn't realize Keyshia had articulation too! Is it only knees or elbows too? I look at her on ebay sometimes but the shipping is always too high for me. Good to know about the different versions.

Muff said...

That's a happy mistake, because now you have two dolls - even if neither one is exactly right, lol.

Ms. Leo said...

Hi Anderson's All-Purpose Dolls and Mufff.

Keishia has articulated knees and elbows!

Muff you are so right. I was planning on selling the extra BT now I will keep her!

jSarie said...

Great dolls - I love seeing how different head/body combinations turn out!

And I love that outfit that you found for Adallah! Are there tags on it that might suggest an origin for it?

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog jSarie! I believe the dress is from one of the Barbie DOW dolls from India.