Sunday, February 16, 2014

Meeting, Orientations, Interviews and Encounters--Getting The Doors Open! Pt 1

Hey Gang!

Getting the doors open! After working a Metro hospital for years and the last
purchase of the hospital being the worse, Ian is opening up a hospital in Johnston.
It wasn’t very easy getting a new hospital started there were several hoops to jump
through. Will the help of state, city and national government, the hospital will soon
be finished and open. They are finishing the electrical and pumping and then all
the walls will go up.

Terrence came to work for Ian as med student and looks at Ian as his mentor. He
has work with Ian his whole life. They have forged a strong friendship and a very
good professional relationship. That is one of the ways that Ian could persuade
Terrence to leave the hospital for a new venture. Terrence still maintains privileges
at Metro but will be working for Hope Hospital! Terrence has started to move in
and get his office at the hospital together. His office is only partially finished with
the help of his sons and some friends.

Ian’s daughter Shannon has come for a visit. She is recently divorced and hunting
for a new place to work since she can no longer work for her ex-husband.
Shannon has agreed to put her business expertise to work will visiting her family
by helping her dad with the hospital affairs.

Terrence: It is so nice to see you Shannon!
Terrence has known the Hensley family since he started working with Ian.
He met Shannon as a teenager.

Shannon: My father has asked me to help out while I’m here.

If you read this post anywhere other than
It is a fake!!! Run!!

Ian: She has left that miserable bastard! I’m trying to convince them to move here and
her to work her with us!
Seeing Shannon’s face, Terrence nudges Ian hand to get him to stop! He is not one
for pressuring people, especially your children to do things.

Shannon: I am just visiting! I’m still looking for work back home and I have my cell
phone with me to handle any offers.

Terrence:  I know you will make the right decisions for you and you son. I would
love to have you with us if you choose to stay here.  My mother was asking about
you!  I hope you can join us for the Holidays?

Terrence:  I know you will make the right decisions for you and you son. I would love
to have you with us if you choose to stay here.  My mother was asking about you!  I
hope you can join us for the Holidays?
Shannon:  How is your mom!  Tell her I asked about her too!  I’ll see how things go
with the job thing and let you know.  I would love to come!

Terrence: I will tell her.

Shannon:   I guess we need to get down to business.  I have looked over all you paper
work, applications, charters and filings. I made a list of the things that still have to be
done and some things that need revisions.

Terrence: I’m so glad you here to help us.  I was afraid we were in a quagmire.
Shannon:   You weren’t all that bad.  A few things need to be managed and wrangled
Shannon:   I have divided the list between the three of us.

Shannon goes over what her father need to do.
Shannon:   Dad you still need 3 more board members!   Any ideas of who you will ask?

I was thinking about Dominique Deveaux! Your wife knows her.  Do you think she can
get her to do it?
I was thinking about Dominique   Your wife knows her.  Do you think she can get
her to do it?
Terrence: I will ask her to talk her into doing it!

Shannon:   It is always good to have a celebrity on the board.

Shannon:   You will still need to hire your Allied health chief of staff. He will bring in all
your support staff.  Anyone in mind?

Terrence:  I have the perfect guy if I can get him to move here.
Shannon: That means you will…

Ian: What is that… cookies??
Shannon: Ah, how nice someone has sent you something to welcome you already!
Terrence: That’s from CMS Deliveries.
Ian:  They sent you goodies!  I love goodie and I’m the CEO!
Answering laughingly
Terrence:  I’m sure it is a slight oversight and your tray will be here tomorrow!
Shannon to her self, some things never change!  My dad is so spoiled!
Shannon:   Anyway you will have to take the Chief of Staff position for everything to run smooth.  You will need two secretaries!

Ian:  WOW! It sounds like you got a promotion!

Ian:  We should celebrate with these cookies!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Muff said...

Shannon's dad is a trip! He's all about those cookies, lol.

Are Shannon and Ian celebrity dolls because they look so familiar to me but I cant place the actors.

Brini said...

Ian sounds so much like Mr. Dotson!

The grandmommy said...

Cute! I am in the process of making a breakroom I never thought of putting a locker in there. Good idea!

Georgia Girl said...

Ian is an interesting character. Which doll is he? I look forward to this story developing.

karmen perez said...

Hello! I really liked the story and the parlor q has mounted. Beautiful. a kiss

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like this room to rest and meetings. The dialogues are very real. Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Good story! I too wonder which dolls these are?

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Muff, Brini, The grandmommy, Georgia Girl, karmen perez, Marta and Nymphaea! Yes Gang, Shannon and Ian are celebrity dolls. Shannon is the Disney Sharpay head on a Disney articulated body. I posted about her when I rebodied her. Ian is the Star Wars Count DuKoo. If you go back to my very first diorama when I started my blog, I use him and gave his story He was also my newscaster( a take off on Wolf Blitzer) in my President Obama interview! Well he finally gets more blog time!

Muff, Ian has some socialization issues! He is all about the cookies!

Brini, I'm sorry to say the Ian is as charming or as friendly as Mr. Dotson! The world only wishes he was. Terrence seems to understand him.

The grandmommy, thanks! I wish I had gotten more of these but they came with a set of furniture. I am going to have to Froggy from here on. It is nice to have a large piece of furniture to cover seams in caft paper. That is what this is doing!

Georgia Girl, this story has been in my mind for too long! It needs to be on the blog!

Marta, Thanks! I will keep in touch.

Welcome karmen perez!

karmen perez and Nymphaea, Thanks!

Vanessa said...

Great job making Terrance look older. Did you paint his facial hair? Very nice break area. Very realistic. Ian is the perfect doll for a hospital story. He definitely has that look.