Thursday, March 22, 2012

Navajo Barbie!

Hey Gang!

I happened to find another doll I have been wanting on that
same thrift store outing during the Flower Show. She must
have been owned by the same girl as the Mulan because she
was dressed in an outfit made of the same material. She
still has her earrings! She is Navajo Barbie! I knew who
she was when I saw her face! I had her on my list of dolls
to get but not enough to pay eBay prices for. I purchased
a Princess of the Incas Barbie to make do a while ago
but they are not the same.

Here is a picture of what she she looks like new!

This is a Mattel promo picture. It is better than I can take.

She wears a floral brown prairie skirt with a soft black velour
top/ blouse. A silver plastic belt with turquoise colored
accents cinches her top at her waist. Over her shoulders
is a woven shawl made in shades of brown, orange and
light green. Several pieces of faux turquoise jewelry
complete her ensemble. I would have loved to have her
original outfit. I found another picture of her on flickr
if you want to see it.

Here is my girl!

Close up
I have dressed her in this Fashion Avenue outfit that I find
fitting for her. I love her face because she has that same
calm look of Sade. She is the Goddess face mold. Her hair
was in good condition. You know, I will have to invest in
some small black rubber bands. She wears a clear one
from packaging for now.

Full view!
Navajo and Inca side by side.
Rae and Sky!

Isn't she sweet!

Thanks for looking!


Vanessa said...

She is beautiful! Congrats.

Heather said...

Very awesome find!

Alison in CA said...

What a great find! I love the Goddess face mold. And your photos are great, too. :)

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations to buy the Navajo Barbie. She has a beautiful face. I like long hair and dark. Congratulations for your good buy. Keep in touch.

Verona said...

She looks smashing! Congrats!

Sergio said...

She's truly handsome!

Georgia Girl said...

Very pretty doll. She and Inca makes great sister.

D7ana said...

Thanks for the comparison photo with both Navajo and Inca princesses. Lovely doll, both. I lucked out and got the Navajo Barbie. I missed the Inca one. Maybe another time.

Say, did you take any photos of your dolls amongst the flowers for the Flower Show? Just snooping, wink.

Alrunia said...

I love dolls with such unique faces. It seems that with some dolls, the less makeup they are wearing the more personality you can see.
Oh, I bet these two match fashionistas skin tones perfectly! Lucky :D

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks gang for your kind words!

Thanks Vanessa, Heather, Verona and Sergio. I just love her face!

Thanks Alison in CA! I love the Goddess face sculpt! It is one of the best!

Georgia Girl, I am still trying to figure out how these two will work out in my dollyland. I was thinking about sisters but I'm not sure.

D7an, You are welcome. I do think an Inca will turn up for you!

I didn't take any pictures of dolls at the show. I had a lot to do while I was there! I might have lost a doll if I tried. That wouldn't have been good!

Alrunia, You are right about the makeup. I do see more personality in her. I hope they do match fashionistas. I haven't checked yet.