Friday, March 30, 2012

What Is Your Favorite Non-Articulated Body? Up-Date

Updated Post!

Hey Gang!
I'm still figuring out the new blogger setup so give a girl some time.

I was going through my box of doll bodies and note all different types
of Barbie bodies and note what clothing works good on which body.
As I seen to move my collection more toward articulated bodies,
there were other body types that were my favorite.

Here is a Silkstone body.

Renee has her head now. I never like this body! Too heavy!
I was glad to know that I could put the head on another body.

These are the 1991, Belly button and the 1966 bodies.
The 1966 has the biggest chest (ribcage).

I'm torn between the 1991 body with the narrow hips and smaller
hips and the belly button body.  More clothing fits the 1991 but
the belly button seems sexier!  That sexy quality is why I like the
Here are four types of what I think of as 
exaggerated  bodies.
From left to right.
Model Muse, second wave Fashion Fever, Star and Flava bodies.

I also found this site compaing bodies if you would like to
take a look.

Here are two repo bodies.
The one on the right is the 1966 repo body.
The one on the left is the 1993 repo body.
Here is the Jazzie and Fashionista body comparison from a previous post!

These are repo Francie body.

Do you have a favorite body that is not Fashionista or Pivotal or articulated body?

Please take my pole.
P.S. I'm posting with the new blogger layout.  It feels slow and
I can't find the spell check! Help!


Hey, It's Muff said...

I picked the 1966 Twist and Turn because I have about 30 of those. Back in '91 my mother had a hobby business making doll clothes and we would go to the flea markets and doll shows. She got tired of it soon enough but I still have all the dolls and clothes we didn't sell. None of these clothes fit the newer bodies, of course, lol.

Your blog looks the same as usual to me. I wonder if I have to switch to the new version on my own blog to see the difference?

Ms. Leo said...

Hey, It's Muff, that is so cool that you and your mom did it together! Yeah, it such that you can us the clothing on the newer dolls. I bet you have some nice stuff!

With the blog update it looks the same to others. It is way different to work on.

Georgia Girl said...

Hi Ms Leo! This is a great post. I am really liking the articulated ones right now because of photo stories, but my favorite is the 1966 bodies. I even prefer to sew for them over any of the other dolls. I haven't attempted to sew for the MM bodies.

Ms. Leo said...

Georgia Girl, I know what you mean about the articulated bodies and that is why I asked about other types of bodies. I also wonder what will be the next new body type!

D7ana said...

I like the Mixis doll bodies best for dolls lacking articulation.

I voted for the 1998 Belly button one though because it seems to carry the larger headed dolls better. Maybe the "wider" hips do that?

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like the body 'model muse'. It is the body as a professional model. Anyway I just want dolls and articulated bodies. The clothes fit better and always seem more real in their movements. A very good entry. Keep in touch

Alrunia said...

I voted 1959, overall I'd say my fave unarticulated body is the Stardoll one because of all the detail they have. Very nice sculpting. But the original 1959 body fascinates me- it's very glamourous, the almost forward-bending legs, the exaggerated figure. I would love to see an articulated version of it, although it's not likely to ever happen.

I also love the Jazzie body for its big hips and butt :), it's so charmingly real!

Sergio said...

I like the model muse for their Vogue's poses, but I have more fun with an articulated body! I voted for the 1998 belly button body, it has a better look

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks D7ana, Marta, Alrunia,and Sergio.

D7ana, I don't have a Mixis doll so I'll ask you what you like about their body? Aslo are you a fan of the larger heads?

Marta, I think we all are wanting articulated bodies now. It is good to know what is our second choice. I have seen people do some interesting poses with the model muse! I can't seem to do it.

Alrunia, that would be interesting to see!

Sergio, I agree that the belly button have the better looks. I did a pole a while back with the Julia head on different bodies. The vote was in favor of the pivital body but to me she looked better on the belly button body body with articulated arms.

D7ana said...

Hi Ms. Leo! I am not a big head doll fan, but while the Mixis doll heads are larger than some Barbie doll heads, the Mixis dolls' bodies match their head size.

I like the solidity of their bodies and that they have um ... back? lol. I have some "back" myself so it is nice to see that feature in a fashion doll. And the Mixis dolls can stand on their own feet ... sometimes. They can wear high heels or flats. They look fed, lol.

I'd love for them to be more articulated, but I can allow for the stiffer bodies because their size makes them novel among fashion dolls, most of whom are thin.

Ms. Leo said...

OK D7ana! Your point is noted! I don't own any Mixis so I am going to have to take your word on it. Thanks for commenting!