Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Latest Find!

A Thirft Store Quicky!
Well I went to my favorite thrift store to drop of some things.
I had not planned on making any purchases because I only
had a dollar on me. Can you say broke! This thrift store will
make you spend your last dollar… and I did. I couldn’t resist
these cuties for fifty cents. That’s right, it is not a typo,
I spent .50¢

Twins --- Boy and girl. I don’t know who they are by.
You can’t leave them in the store on mother’s day
weekend can you?

Look at their little faces! They look like a handful
don't they! Two times the trouble.

What! You don't want to take a nap!

It is a good thing that their feet don't reach the floor
or there would be some running involved.
and was about to leave when I saw this too!
Harumika Style Your Imagination…New/unopened for .50¢

I will take pictures when I open it!

There goes my last dollar!


Frannie said...

Ms Leo, they are soooo cute. You couldn't leave them there to be alone this weekend.

smidge girl said...

LMAO! You crack me up. But what a way to spend your last dollar, those are some great finds! The babies are super cute, I've never seen any dolls like them, I wonder who they are. You have the best thrift store luck, wish I could go shopping with you!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Too cute and they do look like they would be a handful.


Vanessa said...

Yes, I can say broke. But somehow we broke sisters always seem to find something for nothing. I can't believe you had $1 and walked away with both these goodies. Too funny!!!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vanessa, the dollare was for my coffee. I had to "just drinks some water" as my father would say.

Frannie and BDE, they are the cutest little things. They seem to speak to you!

Thanks, smidge girl. It not luck, that is why it is the favorite place always something there. I feel good about the fact that they use the money to care for the needy. If I don't keep my spending down, they might be caring for me! :)

D7ana said...

Congratulations on your finds.

Those little "angels" saved you from caffeine and sugar. Go kiddies!

Anonymous said...

I bought some Harumka stuff too. Hoping Leah will use it to pretend to be a tailor or fashion designer at some point. Would rather play "Designer" than "shopping" - not that shopping is bad - if you're shopping for doll stuff :-) it's great. Love your babies. How big are they? -- Kristl

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks D7ana. With these two, who need sugar!

Thanks playbarbies. I purchused this in hopes that my Francie will be a designer too. I have plans for her. As for the twins, they are 2 1/2 inches tall.