Saturday, October 30, 2010

The WOAA Halloween Party- Part One- Even Big Sister Need A Little Help!

Even Big Sister Need A Little Help!

Everyone in town is excited about the WOAAA Halloween
party. Renee calls her sister to see if she is going. Renee
thinks her sister works to hard and doesn't make time for
love in her life. Dominique answers the phone
a little flustered!

Dominique: Hello!

Renee: Well hello to you too! Are you in town?
Hold on while I switch to my earphone.

I need to finish this article as we talk. I’m back.

Dominique: I’ve just got back. It was a ruff trip!

Renee: Are you going to the Halloween party? Everyone
who is anyone is going to be there! I think Raphael
will be there!

Dominique: I was just thinking about it. I could make some
great contacts but I don’t have a costume.

Renee: I’m going to Harry’s Halloween shop to get one.
Why don’t you meet me there and we can pick
something out for you. Something eye catching!

Dominique: Ooh OK, how about an hour from now.

Renee: Sounds like a plant.

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