Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Martial Arts Morpheus

The Matrix Morpheus!

One of my favorite movies is The Matrix. I remember leaving
the movie and thinking I could jump around like they did in
the move. I couldn't but I felt like I could. I still like the first
movie the best! Lawrence Fishburne played Morpheus
and he played him in all three movies.
Out of the box but what did I do with his belt?

I don't think if the doll was released in time for the movie.
I think it came out later. I didn't like the look of the other
dolls in the Matrix series. I bought the Martial Arts Morpheus
doll only. Well, actually I bought three. One that I play with,
and one that stays in the box. The other doll had an accident.
I tried to remove the dark shadow on the face and the face
paint came off. His African American complexion is painted
on and not a part of the complexion of the head. Bummer!

"If your paint comes off in the Matrix, does is come off in real life?"
Yes! Yes It Does."
I haven't decided what to do with this doll.

Morpheus with malfunction.
So I had to buy and new one to play with.

Out of the box and re-dressed
There were two versions of each of the 12 inch dolls in the line,
one of them unplugged in the ratty sweater and pants, (I
think I have enoughratty doll clothes to not purchase any!)
and one of them in the Matrix where the clothers were
more flashy. This is the Martial Arts Morpheus and
he is dressed in a black and white gi (pronounced "gea").
This outfit comes from my favorite scene were Neo has
just learned Jujitsu and he is ask to show what he has
learned. "Morpheus is fighting Neo" is what
one of the shipmates yell! They all come running to see. T
he music for the scene is fast and frantic. They are fighting
in a computer program similar to the Matrix. Morpheus is
trying to teach Neo through the fight to let himself
go, that you mind is unlimited and that you are the"one".
"Free Your Mind" I feel like jumping around ... hold on!

Larry Fishburne is a private guy so he is
not going to wear a swim suit but he opped for
this diving suit.

The comparisons-
He is shorter that Ken dolls

and a tad taller than GI Joe action figures.
Dallas muscling his way into another shot.
He doesn't understand the "secret" part of
Secret Service!

He is also a little slimmer than GI Joe action figures.
His hands are larger than Ken's hand. They don't
come off like Power Team hands. He needs the shirts
with cuff that snap closed.

His feet are closer to

Ken size, which for me is good because I have more Ken size
clothes and shoes. I mostly have GI Joe uniforms and boots.
You can make Joe boots fit most dolls and action figures but
I can't say the same for ken shoes!
So what do you think? Does he look like the actor to you?
Let me know!

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