Saturday, October 16, 2010

Olmec Dolls Imani #2

Olmec Imani Doll #2
I purchase these dolls back in the early 90's when I found my way
back to collecting dolls. The dolls are by Olmec Toys. The
company was name after the Olmecs. The Olmecs were believed
to be an African race of people who came the the America
before Columbus. There is some questions about that.. so do
your own research. This is the Imani doll. She has had two
head molds. The first was model after the owner. I don't
think they did a good job of capturing the owner.
(head mold to be shown in later post) It was replace
with this head mold. The doll was done in several skin
tones. I am showing two of the tones- the lite and the dark.

There was a medium tone but I was never able to find her.
These dolls are before the Shani line came out. There were also
male dolls too. (I will show him on a later post also)

There is some controversy about the owner of the company.
I don't know if it is true or not, so I won't post the information
here. I leave that upto you to researchers and find out.

The Comparisons

She is about the same size as Barbie. The hips are smaller
that the 1966 and the 1990 Barbie body.
The bust is smaller than the 1966 but is a littler larger than
belly button body dolls. The dress above is a little stretched
across the chest.

Many of the Imani fashion are ethnic inspired. A few are not.
The doll in the Kente dress is a Kwanza doll. Done way
before Mattel.The other outfit I am not sure about.

She can wear Barbie clothes but the Imani pants
are a little snug on Barbie because....

Imani is buttless! (insert scream here!)

Flat as a pancake!

They can wear each others shoes too. Barbie's
shoes are of a better quality.

Warning! Up until recently ( mid 90's) the quality
of fashion dolls other than Barbie (construction and quality) are
not as good! This goes for clothing too! Today there are a good
selection of Upscale fashion dolls to choose from. There are still
inexpensive dolls and clothes out there but we now have a choice.

Imani hand and Barbie hand
Hands are not done as well.

Imani Hip and Barbie Hip
note: seem on leg are not as smooth and dimpling.

The body and the legs of this doll are not of the quality of Barbie.
The leg joint comes off of the knob attaching the leg to the body.
The knob may actually break off with the leg. The head is
mounted on a ball at the top of the neck for the head to swivel.

This style of neck makes it difficult if not impossible to swap
the head to a quality body. Most quality bodies have a different
type of neck. The hands are a little ruff in the finishing
of the design. The hair doesn't have the soft feel that I am use
to with a Barbie doll but not as stiff a the hair of Janay
dolls when they first came out.

All that being said, .....I love the face. I like the color and
the way her makeup is applied. Especially for back then!

She has a friendly quality to her which despite all of
her drawback make her appealing to me.
She is one of my favorite dolls.


D7ana said...

"Flat as a pancake!"

LMAO! Oohh! That's funny. Thanks for the laugh.

D7ana said...

Great post on an obscure doll/doll company!

Thanks for sharing.

Ms. Leo said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Just call me laugh and learn Ms. Leo.

TheWriterWalker said...

Hi. Did you ever come across any of the booklets that were included in the later Imani boxes? They were stories about the dolls and included a diary and dictionary.

Ms. Leo said...

Hi TheWriterWalker! Welcome! No I have not. I would love to see pictures of it if you have it. I don't think that I have seen them on the web either.