Saturday, October 2, 2010

Trying to Identify This Guy?

Do You Know Who He Is?

I trying to identify this male doll. I purchase him from EBay about four
years ago. I am attracted to unusual dolls. Doll that I haven't seen before.
The picture of him on EBay wasn't to good. So I was very surprised when
he arrived to see what he actually looked like. He has glass eyes.
They are brown. They are usual for a doll male doll and a doll his
size. He is "Ken" height. and can wear Ken/12inch clothes. He
is olive complexion. I am not sure if he is Hispanic. He has
a twist-n-turn waist. He is made in china and has a JPL Inc. stamped
on the back of his neck. There are not any other marking to indicate
who he is. He came nude so I didn't have clothes as a clue
to who he might be. I am hope one of you out there might know
who he is.


D7ana said...

I don't recognize him. He's cute. Congratulations on your find!

smidge girl said...

Wow, he's really cool! I hope you find out who he is!

Paulette said...

Hi Ms. Leo,

I have a black version of this doll. He came as part of a wedding party set that I bought at Toys R Us in the early 1990s. There was a bride, a bridesmaid, a groom, a groomsman, a flower girl, and a ring bearer. I think they were sold under the store brand. I jumped on the opportunity to get that many black dolls at once for a good price. Especially the little boy and girl who are about the size of the old Tutti doll.