Friday, September 17, 2010

Finds At A Flea Market

Flea Market Finds!

I was at a Church flea market over the weekend. I
went looking for cake! Yes, that's right cake. Old
church ladies make the best cake. I was hoping
for 7-up cake or lemon poppyseed cake or maybe
spice cake. If you are really lucky, you'll find a coconut
cake with creamcheese icing and lemon filling! Yum!
These aren't the kind of cakes you might find at the
market. I found some cake there but not any of the
special ones I was looking for.

I did find these!

A couch tissue box cover. This goes over a tissue
box. There is a slit behing the pillowes where the
tissue comes out. This was luck. I got it for $1.00.
I found theses too.

The brass ones will go well with the sofa.

African decor.

These are classics

These egg holders will make great plant stands or some
other kind of stands. They were 25 cent each.

This is the big score. Tea Time Barbie set. The box says
"With her friends Lil Bear and Cozy Bunny." The set
the bear andbunny, tea service, Barbie doll and two
chairs and a table new in box for $10.00. I have two
matching chair to this set, so I had to have this.

The plush toy crew!

I have one doll with this face. I don't think I need two.
I will have to have a face off!

It was a great day but it would have been even better with some special cake!


EbonyNicole said...

I'm still laughing at the part when you said you went looking for some cake! lolololol

Anonymous said...

What great finds!

TM said...

I like that table with tea set! I like mini tea sets! That was going to be the blog entry for my miniature monday! Nice find!

Ms. Leo said...

EbonyNicole, Good cake is hard to find!

pukateer, Thanks! I will have to set something up to display my finds.

TM, I like the tea set too! I love your post!