Monday, September 6, 2010

Princess Kidagakash 'Kida' Nedakh

Princess Kida

I purchase this doll two years ago in a thrift store but I
didn't know who she was. I purchased her loose with
her original outfit without shoes and other accessories
I liked her! It is so unusual to see long gray hair on
people (most seem to cut it short). It is even more
unusual to see in on a doll (I think it is gray and not
platinum). I liked her face but not the eye color
(purple) so I changed that first. They are now black.
Now, at least to me, she looks better. She also has a
long neck. It is a little longer that most Barbie dolls.
It made her look elegant. Her body reads Disney. I
looked her up. She is for the Movie Atlantis: The Lost
Empire. I remember seeing the male figure, Milo in the
stores but not her. There is debate as to if she should
be included in with the Disney Princesses. I didn't see
the movie, nor do I see the importance of her being a
Disney Princess. Aren't we all princesses? (Hold your
crown and nod your head!)

She has a stone at the collar bone. This made me want to
find a new body for her (I didn't think I would find a body
with that kind of neck though) but I could never find one
the right complexion. For me it was easier to just cover her
up for now.

I tried a few outfits on her but none worked. I remember
that I had seen a women with gray hair wearing purple so,
I found the only thing I had in purple. I was a snake skin
halter top with matching pants.

I think they look good together. She is a stylish older woman.

She looked sort of like Donatella Versace! Then that is what
she will be, a hot trend setting older woman rocking her gray
hair! Met Viki Laurent-Thompson, wife mother and

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