Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Disney Month!

Hey Gang! Update!

I wanted to make my next 30 days a review of my Disney dolls and
some thoughts on Disney.

First, I will share with you my latest purchase, Beauty and the Beast
Bell Emma Watson doll I purchased at Walmart for 8.88! I have heard
from some that they are more but I was glad to get mine for that price

Pictures courtesy of Disney
Promo in box photos

Not a bad likeness and much better and cheaper than Disney Store doll! I linked
a comparison photo for your review!

Doll in outfit!
I believe the Disney Store doll is articulated at $35.
As you might have guessed, I got her home and rebodied her! But I will show
you her old body too.

I found a MTM purple top at Jomar's for 8.00 and had it waiting for a head. I thought
is was not a bad complexion match but that is just my opinion.

 As you can see her feet are bigger than MTM doll and most Barbie dolls.
 Here they are showing their feet.
 I put here in her original outfit so you can see the MTM in the outfit.  I does close
so well in the back.
 The shoes are swimming on her feet.
The original body is like a cross between a Star doll body and the short Fashion
Fever body with a petite Barbie waist.
I think Emma Watson looks like Twiggy! Especially since she has grown up!
So I put her in something 60's inspired.
I think I'll call her Celine
 Here she is with my other Bell dolls!
I just wanted to add a few photos from Facebook!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


RoxanneRoxanne said...

Celine is very pretty! Her head looks great on the new body!

Phyllis said...

I got this Belle too and I also rebodied her on the Purple Top MTM body. I am glad I stocked up on that body whenever I saw them on sale because it appears Mattel is no longer selling her and she is getting harder to find at a reasonable price!

I think this version is a very nice likeness of Emma and she is softer and prettier than the Disney store version, however, I did get that one too. I have seen some repaints of the Disney store version that are really nice though! I got mine in the set with Gaston.

Jaye Frye said...

Looking forward to all the Disney characters.

Georgia Girl said...

Celine looks great on her new body and it is a great match!

I love your new look on your blog!!👍🏾