Friday, August 26, 2016

Comparison of old and new Kid Connection Dolls

Hey Gang,

Hey, It's Muff asked some question about the new dolls.

Because I photographed them but didn't purchase them, I wasn't sure
of the answer. Now that I purchased them, I can give a review.  So here
is my  comparison of the dolls out of the box! Because their faces
are the same,  the choice is about  the dresses.  These are the Dolls
I purchased.
I think these ladies look more Hispanic than the older dolls!
The shoes! The quality is the same.
With the older dolls!
You can see that the older dolls are taller!
The girls with Barbie/Teresa clone face look either Hispanic or black. There is  more of a difference in the complexion of the dolls in the set.
Side by side! The head is bigger but the doll is taller too!

They have different arms .
Muff, It is a new body too! Not as good.  Legs don't bend click,....
 waist is smaller.
Not the same range of motion either.
Newer doll's legs are Skinner!
Neck and neck knob looks to be different too.
Not as much booty either!  Now that is sad!
But they are still under five bucks for the two dolls! So
I guess you can't complain.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


D7ana said...

"Not as much booty either! Now that is sad!" LOL. "Poor" gals.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Thanks for the comparison. They can keep these. I like the original dolls better.


Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments D7ana and dbg of BDE, Yeah, theses girls are barely worth the 4.95. The head doesn't move up and down either. I discover that the other day! Someone on Facebook said that they "have the same face as the Chinese doll Lelia". The sent me a picture and it does look close! BTW, I'm a little spoiled that you can add a picture to a comment on Facebook but not on Blogger! Maybe that is coming!

danipanda said...

The newer ones do have an outward moving hip joint you just can see it well. Try moving the dolls hip joint outward and you'll see what I mean.