Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Kenyatta, Bakari and Mali get clothes for school!

Hey Gang!

Brianna, Stacie and Ricky!

I have tried to do a back to school post for my young dolls over the last few years. 
Mostly it has been Stacie Green but she needs classmates.  So I need to have
other dolls in school with her besides Ricky and Brianna.

One of the boys in her class is Kenyatta Jackson.  Here he is in a couple of his
back to school outfits!

Kenyatta’s favorite color is green! 
 (Kenyatta is my Todd doll head on... 
 a Kenya Keyshia doll body.)  

Kenyatta’s brother and sister who are twins are Backari and Mali. 
Mali is wearing a jumper and a green top with sparkles on it and a jumper.
You can say her brother influence her choice of top!
Mali: Hi!

Mali:  I also got a denim shirt and striped skirt.

Mali: I love denim! 

Mali: I also got a denim skirt with Tutti Frutti sweater.

Bakari : Only cause you almost cried if you didn’t get the sweater! Her bother says
with a slightly discussed voice!
Mali: Sooo!
Bakari: Sooo!
Mali: Sew buttons! Ha, Ha!
Kenyatta: OK you two, stop that!
Mali: He stated it!
Kenyatta: Well, I’m ending it!
This is Bakari!
Bakari got a green shirt and cami shorts.  I think he got this because his bother
told him it was cool and made him look tuff!
Bakari: Hi!
This is his second outfit! 

Bakari:  My favorite number is fifteen!

Here they all are with their mother Zuri!
Zuri: I still have so much more to do to get you guys ready for school!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


AG Lanc said...

Cute kids! Zuri has her hands full#

Farrah Lily said...

Oh wow, the kids are looking gooood. I love the little sweater! Zuri is such a beautiful doll!

Just My Dolls said...

They are ready September. I love their back-to-school outfits! It's so hard to find clothes for dolls this size.

Vanessa said...

Awesome. Loved seeing their typical brother, sister interaction. I love Todd on the larger body. Perfect school clothes! Poor mom.

IHime said...

I love Mali's sweater. Is it inspired by Gravity Falls?

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments AG Lanc, Farrah, Just dolls, Vanessa and IHime!

AG Lanc, But her pockets are empty!

Farrah, Zuri is a dollar store doll on a fashionista body!

Just dolls, I used Bratz and Monster High!

Vanessa, They remind me of my family!

IHime, No, it just something I found a while ago at the craft store!

Janainah Frye said...

These are all cute outfits. The kids will look great all year.

april_n_paris said...

The best part of Back to School is the new wardrobe! The clothes for your most adorable "little kids" are simply scrumptious! One is cuter than the other. This is such a fun post. Thank you.

D7ana said...

Love the sibling comments. They are all cute.