Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New Kid Connection Dolls

Hay Gang!

I saw the new Kid Connection dolls at Walmart!
There were quite a few!
 Blonde, brunette and redhead!
 There are African American version too!
I will have to add the AA version to my collection!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


jSarie said...

Cute faces on these! I'll have to watch to see if they show up locally. :)

The grandmommy said...

like their expressions!

Brini said...

I haven't seen these dolls yet here in Charlotte yet. They have cute faces.

Just My Dolls said...

They are cute and I like that they come in all the varieties. Do you know if they are similar in height to Barbies?

Ncgyrl86t said...

I saw them yesterday and was surprised they changed the face molds. I kind of like the old ones because they reminded me of old school barbie but these face molds are cute too.

Ncgyrl86t said...

I think these dolls are similar in height as Barbie and can wear her clothes

Shasarignis said...

Cute dolls !

Janainah Frye said...

I keep hoping they will make accessories and furniture for these dolls that I can repaint and enhance...inexpensively.

Muff said...

Do they all have super long hair maybe? The last doll looks like she has a fashionable 60's bob though.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments jSarie, The grandmommy, Brini, Just My Dolls, Ncgyrl86t, Shasarignis, Janainah and Muff!

jSarie, The grandmommy, Shasarignis, and Brini,they are kinda cute! Not too big of a smile for those who don't like smiles! But not you Grandmommy!

Just My Dolls, They are Barbie size!

Ncgyrl86t, I do like the older one too! But these are too bad.

Muff, long hair rubber banded in the back!

Janainah, I don't think they would do them separately! Maybe as part of a doll and fashion pak!