Monday, July 18, 2016

New bodies at the New Year and Silver Fox!

Hey Gang!

I picked up some sales before the new year!   I purchase two new dolls to use as
body and clothes donors! While everyone one else was purchasing the Barbie 
Style Nikki and the Barbie Style Grace Dolls with the feet for heals or flats, 
kinda hung back. I wasn't a fan of the 19.99 price.  Also, I didn't like all of the 
clothes the dolls came with. When I found them reduced as part of the after holidays 
sales, I got them at. 13.00 (7.00 each) for two  That is the highest I am willing 
to pay for a Fashionista body. I bought two sets at that price!

I loved the gray sweater and blue and white polka dot top of the Grace.  I didn't like
the skirt at all.  I wouldn't have put that purse and shoes with the outfit but 
they aren't bad at all!

 With Nikki, I loved everything except the purse.

I didn't need or what their heads so they are being sold! I tell you later who 
got the bodies! Here is who received the clothes!
Our Silver Fox for this month!

She like the combo of the gray pants with the sweater shirt much better!
The purple skirt was sold!
 She says gray is the new blonde.....that  gray haired women 
have more fun!
 She had beautiful brown hair as a young mother and college grad in her twenties!
Trisha and Alicia
At about 27 she notice her first gray hair!  Her hair was so thick you couldn't
tell at first!
Now at 47 she is totally gray and she has embraced her gray and not tried to
die it!
Gray can be sassy!
 Gray can mean business!
 Gray can be feminine!
 She keeps healthy and exercises daily...
 because gray doesn't have to mean old!
She drinks plenty of water!
and goes to the bathroom a lot too!
Trisha: Water in and water out!
 She eats a balanced diet!
Trisha: Plenty of veggies and meat three times a week!

Her skin is fantastic and she feels great!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Jewell said...

You got a great deal on the Grace and Nikki bodies. I LOVE Trisha's hair! She is fit and fabulous.

Shasha said...

wow, what a deal! I just got the Grace Barbie Style one at well, an expensive price because I am halfway around the globe LOL! But indeed, some accessories she came with are not keepers. The ones I'm keeping are her sandals and flats only hahahha..

Muff said...

Now that's my kind of pricing! I love gray hair and am looking forward to when I have a head full of it.

Janainah Frye said...

Trisha looks good. The bodies you got were a great deal! Congrats!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Jewell, Shasha, Muffins Janainah! There were only four of the Nikki and I got all four at that price. I was very happy with the price. Muff, I knew you would love that price! I guess that might mean that Mattel is all in on the MTM body. I do like the look of the Fashionista knees in a dress better.

Shasha, I would look of Facebook! There are people sell at good prices from all over! Some things are NIB and some are played with. I go to Barbie doll accessories sale or trade! I found some good deals!

Jewell, Muff and Janainah, I think gray hair is like being a redhead, done well, it is stellar! If you just have it but don't hook it up, it will just looks gray!

april_n_paris said...

Wow, what an interesting post. My first reaction was...where on earth did she find a grey haired Barbie. Then I figured out you had re-rooted her. When I saw the doll you had taken the head from, I was quite amused at the thought that.....Barbies grow older, too! Amazing how the change of hair completely changes the look of the doll. Those are great looking clothes you got from the doll donors. For the handbags you don't like, you can either paint them or cover them with a bit of leather or fabric....

Brini said...

I love that grey hair on her! Sometimes the outfits on these dolls make no sense but then it comes down to what trendy. Trisha looks great.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments April and Brini! Mattel's choices in clothes and handbags makes to sense sometimes! The better looks have mostly been the designer dolls...except the Byron Lars Mackenzie Fenella Layla Barbie doll! That was too much!

April, I had the doll rerooted by Cyano Dolls & Rerooting! I really like the way she looks with gray hair! It makes her complexion pop!