Thursday, July 28, 2016

Updating Characters!

Hey Gang!

The part of Lisa is now being played by made to move Barbie yellow top!
So I need to update my charters with my new Lisa doll!

Here she is with her twin sister Keyshia! Lisa, who is the oldest, talked 
Keyshia into wearing a matching outfit! If you know anything about Keyshia, 
you know that was a hard sell! Keyshia is rather stubborn and only
Lisa could her to  slightly change her dressing style for this photo!
I just noticed something that has been bothering me about photos!  So older
doll's, my Keyshia is a 2001 Sparkle Beach Christie, eyes are matte and do reflect
the light like new dolls!  mmm I have a hard time taking photos because the eyes
always reflect the flash with newer dolls.  It is harder when photographing more
than one doll!
Now if I could only figure out how to up date my charters post!  I have some
trouble getting everything to line up right!

OK, Thanks for looking!


Vanessa said...

Love the outfits, especially Lisa's. That first line, "the part is being played...." took me back to the days when I used to watch the soap operas. That is the only time I ever heard that.

Muff said...

Is the Made to Move shorter than the other doll or the MtM has flat feet?

april_n_paris said...

I love these animal print outfits. They both look so cool!!! I sometimes have a problem with glare in the eyes of my Barbies. I generally use the "burn" tool in my photo imagining program to take it out!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Vanessa, Muff and April!

Vanessa, Yeah I like that line! I borrowed it from the soaps! No, that didn't use it on the Fresh Prince! They should have!

Muff, Even on her tippy toes, MTM is shorter. Her shoulders don't rise to the same height as Fashionista's.

April, Thanks for the info! I don't thing my photo imaging program as a "burn" tool. It is pretty old but I'll check!