Monday, December 7, 2015

He Has Arrived! Iron Knife!

Hey Gang!

My Iron knife Valor vs Venom arrived and I am please with him 
for the most part!  He has a great head-sculpt and a lot of cool accessories! 

The head

He has a great face with plenty of character!  I love his face and even his
sculpted hair.  You know, you don't always feel like mess with a dolls hair
to get the photo just right. Having dolls or action figure that do require work
for a photo is nice from time to time.  His head scarf comes off which is a plus.
I have seen some doll and action figures where it was painted on. I can even
use it for other dolls.

His eyes are painted well.  I purchase a GI Joe Heavy Duty (Adewale Akinnuoye
Agbaje) and his eyes were kinda crossed because of where the white dot of the
eye was place.  

That was unusual for a Joe.

He has a black one piece cloth outfit that Velcro in the back.  It might lend itself for
other uses…. we will see.  The gun is really long!  I mean really long and kinda old 
fashion in the way it looks.  I probably will sell it.

I have a ton of action figure weapons around here but we will see on that too. His
gauntlets aren’t painted on but are attached to his arm.  They float around it not
quite turning all the way around. I think I can cut the off and won’t have to rebody

I still might want him on a taller body later on but his body will do for now.
The gauntlets are there to hold the eagle on.  The eagle “Freedom is the best
thing that comes with this action figure! 

With a brown body and a white head with a gold beak, Freedom is pretty cool! 

There is some kind of wire in his wings so his wings can be posed.

There is great detail on the feathers of his wings too.  I think you would see it more
if his wings weren’t a solid brown.  Freedom could benefit from a few with and gray

So with a name like Iron Knife, you would expect that he would have a great knife
and he does!

This bad boy really looks like it could do some damage!  There is a brown suede
looking scabbard for his big knife.

He will be rocking the knife if I have anything so say about it. The boots and
knee pads are made well.

I can see them working into a story or two.  I give Iron Knife a 9.5 on the doll/action
figure scale!

In is story here, he is part Navajo and Apache. He will keep Iron knife as his
last name. His first name is Ahiga.  It is Apache for he fights.  I saw this
action figure OOAK as an  Apache on the web.  I liked the outfit and might try
to make it.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Brini said...

Now that is one cool Action Figure. I love the eagle, knife, name, outfit. He's got it going on.

Phyllis said...

I am liking this fellow, especially in the last photo! I think you will be able to make one like it -- maybe even better. That knife is something else! I also love that eagle, but I agree that he could use some variation in the color of his feathers. Can't wait to see what you do with this guy!

Vanessa said...

He has a lot of potential, as evident from the last photo. Nice accessories, too.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Brini, Phyliss and Vanessa!

Brini, he is kinda cool. It hard to find interesting characters. I am glad
I was able to add him!

Phyliss. I will add color to freedom. I this freedom should be a regular
character around here. I will have to study some eagles.

Vanessa, accessories and make or break a doll or action figure!