Thursday, December 31, 2015

An Unusually Warm Day For Fall---Part Four!

Hey Gang!

We will join everyone back in the kitchen at story time.
Apenimon: Avery, your grandma will be coming to pick you up!
Avery: OK!
Nakoma finishes the story.
Loraine: I was just admiring the lovely island you made!  
This is really wonderful!
Apenimon: Thanks you! I got orders for a few after some of the 
people in town once they saw it.
 Loraine: I've got questions about the pie cabinet too. I really like the way you
used the same wood for both pieces. The old fashion  feel of both of them makes
the kitchen feel warm.
Apenimon:  It was my favorite pieces to make. I saw one in a catalog and wanted
to make one.

 I really love sitting in the big chair too.  It is made really well and feels like a
big hug!
 It makes story tell as much fun for the teller as it is for the listener.
That's a warm compliment!  The door bell rings.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


billa's dolls and fashions said...

Loraine is so right, Apenimon cabin is a wonderful place, so cozy!

Georgia Girl said...

Love your dio! :-)

Happy New Year!!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments brilla and Georgia Girl.

brilla, Apenimon is becoming a fairly good woodworker!

Georgia Girl, Happy New Year!!! Thanks ! This room has been in my mind for a year.