Monday, December 28, 2015

An Unusually Warm Day For Fall---Part Three!

Hey Gang,

Lets join Apenimon in the studio!  

So Apenion went to his studio in the barn.  He is working on a sofa for the 
gathering room. 
 There is going to be two and this one is the first.  Daisy and Inola will be tanning 
and weave the fabric for them.  
 I need to cut some more off this leg.
 It should be about level now and I can....
 He had finish with the frame when Running Bear stops by.
Running Bear: I thought you might be out here!
Apenion: I am finished the frame on this sofa and now I will start on studio stalls.

They right the frame of the sofa.
Running Bear: That's good because we have two inside contracts for stalls and 
two outside contracts.

Apenion: I know who the inside contracts are. Who are the outside contracts? 
Running Bear: One is a Mr. Batiste, I don't know him and the other is Blaine Tsai.  
Apenion:  It will be great having so many artists to bounce ideas off of. 
Apenion: I'll need to keep on schedule then.  I'll need to work things out on my 
calendar. I still have the last sofa to do, a chest and some odd pieces. He looks 
at his calendar.

 Apenion: The other sofa frame will be like this one but larger. It will take a little
more time.
 Apenion: I have reinforces the frame in here so that more people can sit on it.

Just then Daisy arrives.
Daisy: I see you are finished one of the sofas!
Apenion: Yes! I will start on your studio stall first!

Daisy: Inola and I can work out of the same stall for a while.  It will be nice to
have a space to work in and not have everything all over the bedroom.
The other day I had to move everything to a sheet on the floor to take a nap.
She laughs. I see you have on the black lamp shirt.  It looks good on you.
Running Bear: Thanks, it feels really good on!
 Apenion:  I will have the stall finished by next weekend but the electrical will
still have to be ran.

Daisy: I can work during the day and use daylight until that is done but it will
be nice to just have a space.
Here they are trying out the sofa frame
Daisy: It will be nice once we get finished with it!  I see you had Avery helping
you today.  He is such a sweet boy.
 Apenion: Is he and Two Feathers still playing with the ball.
Daisy: No, Nakoma is starting story time. They went into the kitchen for cookies
and milk first.
Apenion: I’ll have to take him home after that.  I got a text from his mom asking
about what time he might be back.  His grandma is coming to get him.
Daisy: Are you heading back in?
Apenion: Yes, in a few minutes.
Daisy: OK I’ll see you inside.

 We will join everyone back in the kitchen at story time!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Muff said...

A simple dio, but so effective! The photo of the window blends in well with the wood wall paper. You are stepping up your game!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Muff, I printed out they window over a year ago and intended on using it. I really what to use what I have.