Monday, January 11, 2016

Happy New Year!

Hey Gang!

This is my Nola wishing you Happy Holidays!  I posted this photo on Facebook.
You might have seen it there!  She is wearing a bottle cover I got in the after
Christmas sales!

So anyway....Happy New Year!  aHHHSorry I haven’t posted sooner. I have been taking 
a class on discover and living your gifts. It was wonderful!  Maybe I will talk to 
you about it later.

One thing I love about the New Year is New Year post.  Many people post about 
what they plan to do for the New Year.  I love see what they have planned.  
I want to Vanessa for noticing that I did try to keep up and do my posts on the 
year of the children. I didn’t get a chance to post all my dolly children but I did
get to a number I was please with.

My plans for this year are to:

  1. Sell the things that I am no longer using or interested in.
  2. To find more venues to sell dolls and doll related things. I really don’t like selling on eBay anymore.
  3. To only purchase doll stuff with the money from what has been sold.
  4. Do more customizing of dolls
  5. Complete projects- I will need to number them so that I know how many I have to complete.
  6. Take more photos.  Even if I don’t post them.
  7. Post and complete more informational post.
  8. Introduce more dolls and give them stories.  (They aren’t doing me any good sitting in a box.)
  9. Do more diorama posts.
  10. As always “get more organized”.
This year will be the year of my Silver Foxes!

OK, I’ll share one of the things I learned in the class I took.  You not only want 
to surround yourself with people who support you but with people who hold 
you accountable to the things you say you want to do. 

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Phyllis said...

I did see this picture on Flickr, but glad you have posted here on your blog. I love your list for 2016 - it is similar to mine. I look forward to seeing and hearing about your Silver Foxes this year!

The grandmommy said...

That is a great dress idea! I have a few I can use on my Dasia! I would love to hear about your class!
Thanks for such a great New Years list. I don't think I will make one. I'll just use yours! LOL!

Jewell said...

This is a great list, Ms. Leo. I'm excited to see which projects you complete. I agree with #8 100%. My dolls are worth much more (to me) out of their boxes. The way I see it, tomorrow isn't promised, and I can't take them with me, so I may as well enjoy them while I can.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Nola looks awesome :-). Great plans, I can relate to the Ebay selling, the costs are so high, I would like to find other ways to sell too! Maybe on Etsy? I think you maybe can find doll shows to participate in, in my country that's more difficult.

AG Lanc said...

I saw these at my drug store but missed the after Christmas sell. They had a few cute ones. She looks so cute.

Janainah Frye said...

This bottle wrapper looks good as a dress. Nice photo. I hope you are able to accomplish all that you want to in 2016. You go!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Phyllis, The grandmommy, Jewell, Linda, AG Lanc and Janainah! I found a a lot of items that work well on Dasia. All of you who have Dasia (or her friends) dolls, keep you eyes open for things that will work on her. You might be surprised.

Phyllis, Did your post your list? I would love to see what you have. Here's to completing our goals!

The grandmommy, I hope to share with you guy some of the things I've learned in some upcoming posts. It was a perfect way to start out the new year.

Jewell, you are so right! Tomorrow isn't promised! I want to enjoy my dolls today.

Linda, I didn't realize you weren't from the US. I can tell from your profile what county you are from but even here, there many not be a lot of local doll clubs. I have been buying and selling on Facebook lately. I have been able to sell a few things.

AG Lanc, I went on the 26th! Most place either sold out or returned their Christmas related items after the New Year.

Janainah, All I can do is set goal and try for them