Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stuck In A Position!

Hey Gang!

All of the new Fashionista have no articulation.  Many of the other dolls I'm
seeing on the shelves now don't either.  There aren't any belly button body dolls
with straight arms and 3 click knees.  Is that our only offerings
of articulated dolls with few complexion choices or posed body dolls?

Belly Button body vs Posed Body

How do you feel about that! I'm posting a survey to find out.  Please let
me know what you think! As fir me, the belly button body is my place holder body.
The one I use while waiting to find an articulated body that I want for that doll. I
feel I have more options with it.  As they say...that's just me.  So what about you?

OK, Thanks For Looking!


dannyscotland said...

I heard a rumor that 2016 Barbies will have 18 points of articulation. Guess we'll have to see if that really happens.

Georgia Girl said...

My opinion is that the new fashionista bodies are very thin plastic...three steps up from Dollar Tree doll bodies. I prefer articulation first or atleast the belly body. No offense to anyone, but this is MY opinion. Yes, I am still purchasing them because of their cute faces, but the plan is to hopefully rebody them all eventually.

Phyllis said...

I hate the new stiff bodies. At the least, they could have given them the click knees. I also don't get the half articulated dolls. I have seen some pictures of dolls on the body that Wonder Woman will have, but don't know if we will see them in production other than on the super hero dolls. I saw some photos of a new wave of Fashionistas, but they still have the stiff bodies.

Linda - Darkroom Dolls said...

I heard too that there will be a highly articulated new body in 2016, if that would be true, it would be great!

BlackKitty said...

The only stiff body I'm fine with is Model Muse because it's beautifully sculpted. Even so, I wish the legs could go sideways or bend at the knees. I'll probably buy one of the Fashionistas if I found a face I really like for a reasonable price, but if they have to be stiff, I prefer the straight body over the posed one.
I managed to get some good quality "swapping heads" type of bodies (fake). They come in only two colours: dark, which matches Barbie and similar, and light - which I haven't seen but should match either Raquelle or clones.

Vanessa said...

I hate the very stiff bodies. At the very least a doll should be able to bend their knees and sit down. On the flip side it's been great for my wallet. I have only purchased one of the new non-articulated dolls. It will be interesting to see which dolls have the 18 pt articulation. I doubt that it will be all the dolls. It just doesn't seem like something Mattel would do. Hope they prove me wrong.

Anderson's All-Purpose said...

When I saw photos of the 18 point body I got excited enough that I immediately wrote a blog post about it. Then it turned out nobody's heard anything about it, apart from the fact that Wonder Woman will have that body, so I may have just been adding fuel to a rumor... :/ Although if that's the case, we can always hope Mattel will realize there's demand for articulation.

As for which unarticulated body I prefer, my answer is: none!

IHime said...

Same here, I prefer bellybutton bodies while looking for the articulated ones. :)

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks to all who took the survey and thanks for your comments Dannyscotland,Georgia Girl, Phyllis, Linda, BlackKitty, Vanessa, Anderson's All-Purpose and IHime! Gang, I don't think we will see any change in the amount of dolls with articulation unless another toy store sold doll becomes popular that has articulation. Mattel only responds to competition!!! Yes, the doll should at least have knees that bend. I think that should be the bare minimum! If not, just sell us the heads at a discounted price and let us find our own bodies! The bodies right now are cheap and are like my first barbie!

Valsays said...

It is so annoying that Mattel does this. It costs them probably two cents more per doll to articulate.