Monday, October 12, 2015

Power Team Action Figures

Hey Gang! 

I promised Janainah that I would do a post on how to change out the gloved
hands on Power Team Action figures.  I don’t normally do request posts, I am
making an exception in this case!

First let me say as a doll collector, I first started adding action figures (AF) to my
collection when I notice the limited variety and availability of head sculpts in male
dolls and especially AA male dolls. Power team has always had a wide range of male
action figures head sculpts along with a wide selection of ethnic action figure head sculpts.
I would say I own an amount in the 20’s-30’s. Many of mine had gloved hands and
the larger bodies but over time I have replaced hands and bodies.

I too didn’t realize that the heads and hands could be switched until I read it on
someone’s blog.  Maybe Hey It's Muff...if you have check out some of the great
things that Hey It’s Muff has done you should.  It is worth a look!

Down to business-The change!

First, the bodies!  Here are two styles of Power Team bodies.  There may be more.
                                                           Small body---Big Body
 I call them the big body and the smaller body.  There has been more variations
with the smaller body that the large one.  The smaller body can come with hands
or gloves and boot feet or regular feet in boots/shoes.  I not sure but I think only
the smaller bodied AF had the camouflage face paint but I’m not sure.
Only the small body doll can the hands be removed on to my knowledge.
If anyone knows any thing different, please let me know and post pictures!!!
The head can be changed on both bodies.

I believe these two styles of bodies were
to compare with the two popular styles of G.I. Joe bodies.
 Smaller body Joe and Power Team
Smaller body with boot feet

toe pointing boot feet
Big body Joe and Power team
Older Ken---Power Team--new Articulated Ken for comparison
 Power Team can wear Ken shoes and...
 Vice versa-adding shoe options!

Jazz Hands came to help with demo! 
 Say hello to Jazz Hands!
 The hands say Hi!

The gloved hands/hands are very easy to remove. They look like this.

Hold the forearm firmly and pull.  Sometime I give it a little twist but not always.

 Jazz Hand are experienced swappers!

It is more important that you hold it straight to me.  They pop off as easily as they
pop on!  I don’t know if the hands know could take this happening daily for years
without breaking but I have changed the hand on AF maybe once or twice a year.

Now for the head!
 What the head looks like off!
 The hole for the neck knob that holds the head on!
The neck knob... is the same on small and big body AF.

For the head, I pull it forward a little so that I start to see the bottom of the neck

 and just pull it too! 

You don’t have to heat the neck like you would for a Barbie head to get it off.
My new purchase Mc Hottie who is now named Chet Chang!

He will rival my Tariq (Darius Reed) for fashion style around here.

Bonus Feature!

New photos of two of my Fashionista 2015.  My Rwanda!

and Romper Chic who I am now calling Alexis

Please check out my doll and clothing listings on Facebook and Mister Dollface!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Georgia Girl said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I learned how to change the hands on Muff's blog, but I didn't know anything about changing the head. So thanks!! I can't wait to try the head change. Your McHottie looks great! I have chosen who my guy will be in the stories.

Farrah Lily said...

Rwanda's pants are great! I really like Alexis's hair...those red highlights are so pretty. :)

Phyllis said...

Between Muff and Vanessa, I learned how to do many things such as hand, head and body swapping for a variety of dolls. I am now a master at body part changing and many, many of my dolls have had some kind of swap, LOL!

This was a very nice tutorial, and I really liked those jazz hands of yours! Liking your new Fashionistas too!

Janainah Frye said...

Thank you, thank you, Ms. Leo. I really appreciate your bending your rule just for me. I was scared I would break them.

Alexis is adorable.

Janainah Frye said...

I forgot to say that I enjoyed Jazz Hands. They look really sure of themselves. :-)

Vanessa said...

Nice tut. I have never come across any with molded on shoes. I switch the hands out a lot, and there is no sign of them breaking. Your Mr. Cheng is looking scrumptious. Love that first dress on Alexis.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Georgia Girl,Farrah, Phyllis, Janainah and Vanessa!

Georgia Girl, I kinda have a story for my Mc Hottie I'm now calling Chet but still not sure. I sometimes find PTs at the thrift store. It is great to be able to change heads.

Farrah, thanks? I got those pants at the thrift store. Alexis's hear is even better in person! I could play with it all day.

Phyllis, I have been doing my end of year gardening! I needed Jazz Hands!

Janainah, I hope you are able to give it a try! Alexis looks just like a friends daughter. I had to give her that name! She is too cute! Yeah, I was having big laughs when I came up with Jazz Hands!

Vanessa, so yours didn't have the boot/feet? Yeah, Mattel would make a male that looked that good.
Alexis's dress is from Family Dollar.

Muff said...

LOL, I like that you gave the white glove treatment for your rebodying. I break out the white gloves when I want to face paint - which hasn't been often so those white glove are gathering dust.

Tabatha Goodwin said...

What hands can replace the gloved ones. I want my guy to have regular hands.