Monday, September 14, 2015

The Part Of.....

Hey Gang!

Like the say in the soap operas, the part of Hae will now be played by.....
not the Sparkle Princess Mulan below. I'm changing charters.

Sparkle Princess Mulan

I wasn't pleased by the smug smile on that version of Mulan.  She may appear
later as another character.

Hae will now be played by this version of Mulan.

She is the 1997 Hearts of Honor Mulan.

I like her smile better. There are many versions of Mulan. I own five.
The two others by Mattel...

Sparkle Princess Mulan and Warrior Princess Mulan and two are by Disney. 
One is the Ballerina Mulan. 

 Ballerina Mulan 2004
I put her on a Liv doll body.
 The other is a Disney Store version of the doll that ran from about 2006-2010

Hi! My name is Kim. 
Kim is a new character.

All of these dolls have been rebodied last year. That was my big year for reboding.
I still have a few AA dolls that need new bodies but almost all of My Asian and 
Native American dolls have been rebodied.  My biggest project will be reboding 
all the guys.  I done a few here and there but the majority of my Mattel males
need an articulated body.

So here is the new Hae! She is on a Mattel BB body with articulated elbows and 
3 click knees. This is one of my favorite bodies.
After reviewing many of the Disney dolls for this post, I think I want more of Mulan's

Her story is coming soon!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


The grandmommy said...

Hey lady,
I agree with your choice of Milan. I am partial to dolls with teeth. You are a brave rebodying soul! I luv my Livs too much to behead them. But, they do have great bodies!

Ms. Leo said...

Hello! There are many different Mulan heads. I am not as big a fan of the Liv head as you are. I have used the body for many dolls. I have gotten really brave with my hair dryer!

Janainah Frye said...

That's a lot of Mulan versions. I love that movie. I'm looking forward to stories.

Jewell said...

LoL @ the soap opera intro. I grew up watching sosps with my grandmother, so that line is very familiar. The new Hae has a friendly smile to go with her lovely face- great choice!

Muff said...

LOL, I remember back in the day you used to see that frequently, "The role of Jack Abbot is being played today by..."

I only have a few Mulan faces. Jasmine is the face I find the most at the thrift store.