Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Lori Purchases!

Hey gang!

So these are my Lori doll purchases!
I got Cyarra.
Out of the box.
 There is a gray over top and a side slung bodysuit.
 Her shoes and stockings.
 There are great details on the shoes...Top and...
 bottom.  Even the inside of the shoes.  It has the Lori name inside.
 She has a great face too!
 My only misgiving is the styling of the bun.  That could have been done better.

I had thought about Zarya too!  Here she is next to Cyarra.
She has a really interesting complexion. Not quite Hispanic like mini Sienna.
She has really interesting eyes too!
Here is Tama.  She is really great looking. Even though they all have the same face.
It always surprising to see how different complexion, hair and eye color can make a

Here is her full outfit.
She has chocolate hair and chocolate eyes!
 She has an interesting side part.
 She has this fluff skirt.  Very unusual. 
 Skirt and shoes
Also nice details on the bottom of shoes!

If you are looking for a comparison of the older OG and Lori doll, or a more detailed
review of the Lori dolls, please check Toy Box Philosopher , She did and excellent job.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Janainah Frye said...

Congratulations on the new dolls. They are cute.

Phyllis said...

I got the same two dolls you did. I also purchased a couple of the spare outfits. I think Tama looks a little Asian, so she will be with one of my Asian families. They are really cute, aren't they?

The grandmommy said...

They are all cute! I thought Tama was my favorite after Cyarra, then I saw Zara's pretty eyes. Hard to chose!

Linda - Darkroom Dolls said...

Your little ballerina is very cute, I love that sweater she's wearing over her ballet clothes. Tama has such a beautiful combination of eyes and hair, lovely!

jSarie said...

You got some cute ones! The more I see of these dolls, the more I'm charmed by them (and want to go out and buy a pile of them).

Farrah Lily said...

Very cute! I also got the same two as you did. They were the cutest, my opinion, although it's really tempting to want them all!

Carrickters said...

Every time I see these dolls, I think they are really cute. I do have to check out my local shop to see if they are instore.

BlackKitty said...

Tama is the cutest, in my opinion.

Hey, it looks like you weren't tagged for the Liebster Award! Why don't you give it a try?

Brini said...

I looked at these dolls and had to walk away. They are all cute. I love the 18" dolls so much. I might have to add another one. I say a little baby boy I might have o have, I'm still debating. He was just so cute!

Maia A said...

We (my daughter and I) have: Cyarra, Tama, Bryn, and Zaryah. Those are the ones I liked the best. I may get the red head ballerina. Zaryah looks bi-racial to me and Tama looks Asian. We also have the Glamper and Ballet studio. I love this line!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Janainah, Phyllis, The grandmommy, Linda, jSarie, Farrah, Carrickters, BlackKitty, Brini and Maia!

Janainah, Thanks!

Phyllis, They are cute! I need to get some of those outfits!

The grandmommy, there us going to be some real debating over who I get next!

Linda, There is something about Tama!

jSarie, OK, not a pile just a few! LOL!

Farrah, So if you got more, which ones would you get?

Carrickters, You have to see them in person to understand their appeal!

BlackKitty, I believe your right! I have too many post that I am working on first! That will get done if it does...down the road!

Brini, Christmas is coming!

Maia, Welcome to my blog! I hope you have yours posted! I would love to see!

Muff said...

Great job they did on these dolls faces because until you said it, I didn't think they had the same molds at all.

Ms. Leo said...

Muff, I totally agree! Mattel needs to learn that lesson!