Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Purchases and Help Me Decide!

Hey Gang!

So here are two more purchases I made.  The first is this suit!  There are a lot
of nice clothing items coming from overseas on EBay.  We were discussing
that at our doll club meeting.  I purchased this tux.  It was handmade!
 Like many other Ken tux outfits the jacket is removable.  The shirt has great detail too!
 Not only is the jacket removable but the shirt is it's own piece too  This means
I can put it with other pants and jackets!  A nice plus!
 The were a few strings in the back but it is a nice outfit.
I showed it to you on a doll similar to the ad for the suit but it is large enough
for FR dolls too!
 Remi is modeling the tux here.  It is not his style or color so he is catching a tudie!
I also purchased a when I Read I Dream Fern doll from Charlotte's Web!
Charlotte's Web was one of my favorite stories when I was a child.
Salutations!   That was my favorite word for a long time back then.

If you read this post anywhere
It is a fake!!! Run!!
 Close up!
 Out of the box, the details are great!  I love her cloths...

and her freckles!

The jumper is really well made!
with cute socks and sneakers!

 Many of you said that my Millie was a Dancing Princess doll.  That reminded me
that I had an Island Princess doll somewhere!  So I dug her out. 
 Here they are side by side.
 Now I have to decide which one will be Millie.  Mill will have a key role.
 She will be the daughter of Camille and the sister of Terrence
 She will also be the wife of  Rahim (showed here in the center!)

So which one do you think should be Millie...  (A)the one in the white or (B)the one
in the pink dress?

I have a poll on the right but I would love to hear your comments too!

OK, Thanks For Looking!


D7ana said...

I voted for the doll in white. I think she's the Island Princess doll? I sold her a few years ago. Sigh ... it was meant to be. Anyway, I voted for her because her head is a little smaller. And I think her face paint is a little more realistic, less cartoony.

Thanks for posting the photos showing those two dolls together. I had thought of getting the Dancing Princess doll - but I changed my mind after seeing your post. Head too big. Too cartoony a face.

Congratulations on your tuxedo and shirt. That's nice how you can use that shirt for other pants, jackets.

Congratulations on your Fern, too. I got mine from K B Toys; she's on a teen Skipper body.

April W. said...

I like the one in the white with the dark brown hair best for Millie!!

Georgia Girl said...

I vote for the one in the pink. She looks kind of flirty by the hair. He looks kind of nerdy. Opposites attract, so that's my rational for my vote. : )

Muff said...

I was going to pick the doll in pink because she looks older, but then you said Millie was going to be Rahim's wife, and the doll in white looks like she goes better with him. So, doll in white.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments D7ana, April W., Georgia Girl, and Muff!
Thus far the doll in the white is winning!

Carrickters said...

I'm going to change the balance a bit because I vote for the doll in pink too. I like the way she looks like she belongs to the family. And I think Rahim would be happy to be married to either girl.

Vanessa said...

I picked the doll in the pink, but it didn't register on the vote. I think this vote is rigged! lol. I voted for the pink lady, only because Rahim seems to be enchanted by her. Look at his smile. He needs a little spice in his life. The mousy Millie in the white is not going to provide that.