Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hey Gang!

Picture: Jakks Official Picture
I saw the Maleficent dolls at ToysRUs the other day!  I didn't have my camera
with me! Dang!  But someone posted pictures on Flickr. I have included the link. 
My girl Angelina Jolie is to play the part of Maleficent!  I would get the doll just
for that reason!  I like Angie, no matter what  others say!

Seeing them in person, I think I would get the doll in the set!  Yeah, the guy's
face is lame but he might be a good body swap for one of the Twilight guy dolls! 
The Aurora is pretty boring too!  She looks like a clone Barbie Lea doll. She
will be on clearance.  It great to see a doll that is not blond as the main doll. 
Tiana was the only other doll franchise like that. Maleficent, like many of
the other Evil Queens will be great of OOAK projects!  I can't wait to see

OK, Thanks For Looking!


D7ana said...

Oh, I look forward to seeing those dolls. Thanks for sharing, Ms. Leo! May I ask which TRU you were at? If I can stop by and see them, I will.

P.S. Snow White had black hair; how'd they get a blond female in? Shrug. Wait, she could be SW's mother or another princess or a "good" fairy. Looking forward to learning more about this story as well as the doll. Hope Jakks Pacific gets the likeness right.

I like Angelina Jolie, too.

D7ana said...

Ooops. Wrong princess. I see Maleficent belongs to the Sleeping Beauty line. Okay, SB was blond.

The grandmommy said...

Ok, let me see. I agree with you about Angie. I like her too. The doll looks really great from here. I just don't like scary type movies! lol Can't wait to see the set.55355322735

Muff said...

Wow, I really want to see these in person. I think these will be hot sellers. I even like the Pop! version.

Carrickters said...

These look really interesting. The other interesting thing will be to see if they make it to Australia. So far, I haven't seen any of the Hunger Games dolls despite big advertising of the movie. On the other hand, I have seen the odd Deviant doll although the movie has been barely advertised. Maleficient is just starting to be advertised so - we'll see.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments D7ana, Muff, The grandmommy and Carrickters.
There are other posts and videos on the doll now that are worth checking out. Sadly, I can't cut and paste them from my table.

D7ana, I saw them at the TRU on Cottman Ave.

The grandmommy, I like the one with the wings but I heard that they don't come off:(

Muff ,there are two companies making the doll.....Jakks and Disney. There are pros and cons to both

Carrickters, I am amazed as what items make it where! I hope you get them.