Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Recently Re-bodied Dolls

Hi Gang!

So I have been re-boding dolls with the bodies I got from the thrift store.  So far I
re-bodied seven dolls.  Re-boding dolls does give them a new life!  I am happy that
I have gotten to a few of my favorites.

So here are the dolls!

I was really glad to give my Erica Kane doll a new body!  I have wanted to play
with her more and give her a family.  I don't think she will be quite the drama queen
that she is on TV. She will keep her name.

This is the HSM Disney version Sharpay doll that I showed you in my 
What I've Been Up To Part Three post.  I re-bodied her to make her an 
older doll.  Her face looked to old for that smaller body!
 Here she is with her mother Fiona. I think she is moving to be closer to her parents
Fiona: Hi everyone!  This is my daughter Shannon.  I am hoping to spend more time
with her and my grandson now.
 Shannon:!  It will be good for us to spend time with you and dad too!
Next is Shelia!  I got her head at thrift store and planned on selling her but she
wanted to stay.So I re-bodied Shelia and Shannon onto Disney Rapunzel bodies
I showed you in the What I've Been Up To Part Two post.  Rapunzel's head is
for sale on my dollpage site if you are interested.
 She is too cute!  I love me some redheads!
 She is also Shelly's little sister.  She will spend a lot of time with Shelly and her children too!
 This doll was Riviera Barbie 1998.  I have had her for a while but haven't played
with her or posted her.  So now she is out and about!  Her name is Charlize and she
and her family spend time in Palm Beach and Johnston.
You met Ingrid at the airport.  Well here she is with her sister Elsa.  They both work
at the airport.  They travel a great deal internationally and they both are big "flirts!"
 Ingrid: I'm not a flirt! Are you a flirt?  Elsa: Who is that cute guy over there!

Finally, is my Turn Back Time Cher.  I hated the model Muse body she was on.
So now she can move. I think I sold her body a few years ago.  Her head had
been hanging around.
 This version of Cher has blue eyes and pale skin.  She looks Russian to
me. I named her Karina.She and her husband will be business people in our town.

OK!  I am now waiting for my AA cheerleader guys to come in the mail.  I order two.
I was told that one shipped on the 13th  and the other would ship on the 20th.
Why two.  I don't know if Mattel will do any other AA articulated dolls.  I will keep
the second doll's body as an extra.

OK, Thanks For Looking!


Roville said...

Good job. I especially love seeing Erica Kane rebodied.

Heather said...

They all look great on their articulated bodies!

I've been trying to avoid ordering those cheerleader boys, I really have... lol, who knows how long I can, or cannot, hold out XD

limbe dolls said...

Looks like you've had big fun swapping bodies. I really like Charlize's dress. This Cher head sculpt is really beautiful.

Vanessa said...

Lots of new articulated characters! I like all of them. Your Cher is beautiful. So is that redhead. But I'm like you when it comes to redheads.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I'm also trying to put my favorite dolls articulated bodies. Your dolls are all very well in their bodies articulated. Keep in touch

Muff said...

Wow, that is the best Cher doll I have ever seen. I had a Cher doll as a child but didn't even appreciate it.

D7ana said...

Congratulations on your rebody efforts. I am keeping some on static bodies because I haven't found suitable poser bodies. Glad to see that you have found them good bodies.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Roville, Heather, limbe dolls, Vanessa, Marta, Muff and D7ana!

Roville, Thank you! I have been and Erica Kane fan for an long time. I am hope to be more of a fan of this doll now that she can move.

Heather, I really think Mattel is a scammer! Why did they stop offering the Fashionista guys on full articulated bodies! I think they realize they could get more money for the!

limbe dolls, that is the Riviera doll's original dress. It is very nice. I love that Cher head-sculpt.

Vanessa, Great minds think alike! I think many of my favorite dolls are redheads.

Marta, It is great finding articulated bodies at the thrift store. I hope to find some this Friday when I'm off.

Muff, my appreciation for what the doll really looks like has gotten better as I got older. Mattel has done some of the best celebrity dolls on the market.

D7ana, I haven't been able to find cheap AA bodies. I will have to pay full price to replace them.

V. said...

I'm also a great fan of redheads! It's great when we're able to rebody our dolls!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment V. There is something about red hair!