Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lando Calrissian

General Lando Calrissian action figure from the Star Wars was a
must for me. Not onlywas he an action figure of an ethnic male and
a was Billy Dee Williams! Billy Dee was one of the
hottest African American actors for a long time. One of the
first African American lead actors in a futuristic movies. For a long time African
Americans weren't portrayed in the futuristic movies.  It might lead you to believe we
weren't going to be there.  Now Billy Dee was older than I am but he was
an Icon in the black community.  I was sad when I saw him do liquor ads on TV.
I hope he come to TV soon.  So many great actors and actresses are coming to
 TV now.

There are several different Lando Calrissian action figures on the market. but this is
the one that I purchased.  I not going to tell you it is the best likeness.  Since this is
the only one I own and I have  never seen the rest in person, I can say.  I just
know that I like him and it was about time I posted him.

He is made my Hasbro. He is on the GI Joe body.  His costume is well made and
his boots come off which is not always the case with many of the Star Wars action

So here he is in Johnston!  He manages the local bank.  He and his family will be moving here.
 Lando:  I have kept my first name.  My last name is Martin.
 Lando:  I want you to meet my family!  First my beautiful wife Melanie! 
Melanie:   Hi everyone!
She is a Target 2011 Barbie Basics #002 AA that has been head swapped on to an Artsy body.  She is wearing a Star Doll dress.
 Melanie:  These are our daughters Bethany and Brittany. 
The girls: Hi! We are twins!
They are the dancing Princesses  Hadley and Isla who have been head
swapped on to the darker version of the the HSM Gabriella doll body. Yes,
there were two different color bodies. One was creamy colored and one was
more caramel colored.
So this is one of our new families.  I had to show Lando because I am still waiting for
Texas A&M AA Cheerleader Ken.

Thanks For Looking!


Male Doll World said...

Great story for Lando. I would run to see Billy Dee's movies in the theater.

jassica joe said...

that's really great i loved the story this boy doll is so awesome!

Muff said...

They got the hair and mustache right and that's good enough for me, lol! I remember his Colt 45 liquor ads and even though I don't drink now nor did I back in the day, he could have tempted. The fact that I even remember 30 years later that it was for Colt 45 says a lot about his appeal.

limbe dolls said...

I was very pleased to get Billy Dee Williams as Lando Calrissian when he was out in the stores back in the 90s. When the first round of 12" Star Wars action figures came out in the 70s, he was not included.

Your Lando Martin has a very nice family. Looking forward to seeing them in future stories.

D7ana said...

Congratulations on your Lando. He is a cutie, and he does resemble the actor. I have the other (another?) Lando by Hasbro.

Hello Martin family! Nice to meet you.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Male Doll World, Jassica Joe, Muff, limbe dolls and D7ana!

Male Doll World, I agree. He should be getting more work! In movies or TV! He should be getting more work!

Jassica Joe, Thanks!

Muff you are correct about his appeal! Sad that other companies didn't see him as the spokesman he could have been. Idris Elba seems not to be so pigeonholed.

limbe dolls, In my area, I don't think this doll made the clearance rack! Many wanted him for just the history of the doll and actor. I'm glad you have one!

D7ana, I have notice your Lando action figure! I didn't know that there "is another" until I saw your blog post of your action figure.