Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thrift Store Puchase For August Part 3!

OK Gang! Yeah, I know it is November but I am making my way to finishing up my posts for this year!  So these are the last of my thrift store purchases from August.  First up, the Groovy Girls closet.

I was first drawn to this because of all the colors.  It is so colorful, so fun, soo Sydney!  I think it will go in her room.

And can you beat that price!  For that price I can give it the fashionista closet treatment with real clothes,  shoes and accessories! So I will keep my  twenty bucks and use them on item in this closet that I doll can actually wear and not pictures.

 Here is the back!
 It has plenty of space for things. It has two draws, a mirror and space for Ms. Leo to do a custom built-in.
This space is where the doll would be stored but I think I will put in a bar and hand longer items there.
 Next up is this cute little cupboard  It is great for a country kitchen or maybe a store.
Next is the Bratz closet.  I have one of these but you never know what you might need.
 I also found this  recipe holder.  This an item which can be used as a bench or a chair.
 Barbie for scale!
It had a matching napkin holder that can be use for dolls too!  It can be a easy table.  Just turn it upside-down!
 A table for two!
 Here they are together.  You can see how easy they can be used together.
 I purchase all these items in a bag for 1.00.  I couldn't see what was all in the bag when I purchased it but I new it was good.
 There are some Polly Pocket items in it. Not all the items are Polly Pocket.  I think they will make great dolls for some of my little ones. I don't think I will need them all so some may be sold.
The purses seemed all little large for PP but I think some of my dolls can use them.  Brushes... does any really want brushes?

I like the ski, the sled and the sand box!
These things are too big for PP.  I not sure if they are Bratz.
I think the flowers are stands.  The umbrellas are very cute.
I not sure what this is.  If you know please tell me.
Small hats and sunglasses and visor.
Not sure what this is either.
All the ladies!
The purses could be PP but I think other dolls could use them.

 The food is definitely not Polly Pocket.  It is a little too large.
 Garden items.
 and grocery items.
 Chickens and hens are food for use at dinners or parties.

OK, so that is it!

Thanks For Looking!


limbe dolls said...

Great haul!

Male Doll World said...

Like your idea for the chest and table. Great items.

Muff said...

Now that is what I call an excellent haul. That closet is really neat.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations on your purchases. I really like the wardrobe and groceries. I have the same target of the Bratz closet. Your shopping very well. We keep in touch.

Georgia Girl said...

Wow, that was a great haul for $1.00! The wardrobe is very nice and I love the Bratz closet. Lucky you!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments limnbe dolls, Muff, Marta and Georgia Girl! It was a great day for me and my dolls! I spent 5.00 for all of this!

limbe dolls and Muff, I ran to my car screaming! I even purchase something for me... can you believe it!

Marta the Bratz funiture is hard to find! It was a score!

Georgia Girl, If I live close to that thrift store I would always be broke!

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comment Male Doll World! Those two items easily went together. I am getting an Asian feel from them. I wonder who's house they will go to?

Dukasha said...

Ms Leo, it's something, that I also love to do: to buy a doll or some doll related item and then decide to make a post about it several months later, saying "yes, it's winter already, buy I'd like to show something, bought in summer". lol. Really, I'm still going to show dolls, bought in July and then dolls, bought in August and so on. :)
Nice items. Maybe some of the accessories belong to Missy Milly or mini Sindy dolls, but I'm not sure.

Carrickters said...

Amazing haul for the money. I love the way you thought to turn the napkin holder upside down to make a table - brilliant.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks for your comments Dukasha Carrickters.

Dukasha, I post now when I get around to it. No Worries Man!

Carricters, I saw a dio on flickr a few years ago with a Momoko doll done in this type of wood. When I tried to search for it I couldn't find it but I still had the idea.

Forestminuet said...

Great finds! I love all the little pieces and especially the Groovy Girls closet! I love what you can find at a thrift store!

Ms. Leo said...

Hey Forestminuet, you can't beat what you find in a thrift store for variety and price!