Friday, November 30, 2012

Sunflower Tommy!

Today my Sunflower Tommy arrived!  I didn’t see him when he was released in 2007.  He must not have come to my local toy stores.  I first saw him on the web and I really wanted him… but at a good price!  Many of my fellow bloggers have this doll.  Fellow bloggers feel free to post the link to you Sunflower Tommy!

So here he is out of the box.  He has a great little outfit!  He wears a blue shirt with green trim with a skateboarder on it and khakis with blue stitching.

And blue shoes and…

a frog!

They did two other issues of this Tommy but they were in sets that included other dolls! Kelly/Chelsea collectors refer to the sunflower issue dolls and No Neck dolls because they have a short neck.

Here is a close-up on his face!  He has a sweet face and great eyes!    I love the bowl hair cut on Tommy dolls.  It is my favorite for blonde hair boy dolls. They also used this face mold for the Asian Sunflower doll.  The face paint and complexion of these dolls gives them different looks!

This Asian doll is on a larger body.

There are a variety of Kelly/ Chelsea size bodies. Then there are the SIS Kids.

 Renee added for scale!
 Kelly size Tommy added for scale.

Maybe it the hair cut or the short neck or becuase Mattel just didn't do one, but I wanted him on a taller body.  Blonde hair dolls are in constant danger of being the next project around here because they are so easy to acquire.

I’m calling him August!  Because he looks like a kid in August trying on last year’s school clothing!  Yes, It is time for some new school clothes! Say hello to Auggie!

Thanks For Looking!


Vanessa said...

Auggie is quite the little man! Congrats on getting your Sunshine Tommy. That's my first time seeing him solo. I really like him on his taller body.

Dollz4Moi said...

I have a couple of this cutie. I'm going to make a taller version of him too. Thanks for the idea ;O) He can be his own older brother.

I don't have a picture of him but I will once I do my Kelly/Chelsea & friends inventory

limbe dolls said...

This young man is truly a ray of joyous sunshine!

Sergio said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!! I want one too!!!!

Brini said...

He has such a cute face! I love the name too!

Carrickters said...

Very cute. I like his haircut and his bigger body. These dolls are never available in shops here (we only get Chelsea as part of a set with either Skipper or Barbie), so this is the first time I have seen Auggie/Tommy.

Georgia Girl said...

I like Auggie much better on the taller body. He looks more grown up. I have never seen this version of Tommy. I guess it don't show up in my toys store either. Looking forward to seeing who you pair him up with for his family.

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Tommy is cute as are the others. I am happy for you that you found Tommy.


Muff said...

It's very interesting how the body change gives him a different personality. He looks like a proper young man in his taller body.

Marta said...

Hi from spain: Congrats on getting your Sunshine Tommy. I n my country stores is never for sale. I like the comparison you make with other shellys. We keep in touch.

Chris said...

Hello there, Auggie! =) You know, I think he really needs to have a new set of cool clothes to impress the blonde lady that he’s been eyeing on that second to the last photo. LOL! It’s really nice to see your cute dolls gather and stand next to each other. It’s like seeing a group of friends go hand in hand and just enjoy their time together.

Chris Jeffery

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Vanessa, Dollz4Moi, limbe dolls Sergio, Brini, Carrickters, Georgia Girl, dbg of BDE, Muff and Marta for your comments! I really think he looks so much better on this body!

Vanessa, I don't see him now often as the set. I only see him by himself. Which set did you get yours with?

Doll4Moi, I can't wait to see your dolls!

limbe dolls, I don't know why that stopped using this guy in the line! Oh Mattel, you've done it a gain! They can't keep a good thing going.

Sergio, You will have to search eBay for one!

Brini, I think he will fit really well into one of your storylines!

Carrickter, It is sad that people outside of the US don't get the full assortment of dolls!

Georgia Girl, Once the TRU moved from my area, I feel I missed out on a lot of dolls. Well finding him a family should prove interesting.

dbg of BDE I had to buy a lot that included five dolls to get him. I thought all the others dolls were his size but they are not. The dolls in the series were three different sizes! They all are cut but I won't keep them all!

Muff, He sure does! It is the neck! these dolls and the SIS kids have a shorter neck. I have rebodies some other dolls I will show too!

Hello Marta, Putting him beside Chelsea and the others lets you know what size he is. Keep in touch!

Ms. Leo said...

Hello Chis and welcome to my blog!

Dressing him will be a challenge and I will show you why soon!