Saturday, October 27, 2012

I'm Back!

Hey Gang, I’m back! I have gotten a good rest and I am ready to do a post or two. So while I was away, I read a few blogs but didn’t comment. I guess I can do that now. Not doing it then helped keep it stress free for me. I did a little shopping and just play with my dolls. It helped me worked out some stories and characters and I started organizing… again!

So while out and about I came across this doll! I will post picture of the other dolls that where there but for now here is Kenya!

I pick this one because of the suit and her complexion!  You have to go for a suit when you see one.  The box says Kenya Riviera.  There a few others model there.  I may go back if they go down in price.  This one was 20.00.

Close-up on the face.

I took some pictures out of the box so you could see her without the glare from the flash.  The paint job on the face is OK.  It is much better than clone dolls.
She has a really nice suite and top.  It is better quality than most clone items found out there.  I reminds me of the Janay and Jordon fashion when they first came out.  Her had band is not circular and it is tied together in behind her head.  It is long enough and wide enough to be warn as a shawl. 

She has articulated arms, hand and knees.  This would make her a great donor body but the neck knob is hard plastic and doesn’t have the flexibility of Barbie or Liv Dolls.  The neck knob snapped when I tried to remove the head.

Oh, and cute shoes!  The ribbons from the box can be used too!

Ok, so here she is side by side with Princess of South Africa on A basic MM body.  You will note that her had is much larger than Barbie.  It is about My Scene size.

Her necklace is pretty nice.  Her earrings and purchase are more like that of clone dolls.
Warning Nude Dolls Below!

Here she is compared to other darker complexion dolls.

Ghana Barbie, Kenyan Barbie, Kenya doll, Princess of South Africa.
She is more busty than most barbies.  Here is the back of the box.
You never know what the male doll will be like until you see him in person.  The Flava male doll's heads were a different size than the girl dolls. Even if TJ 's head is large, I still might be able to use him!  He wasn't at the store when I was there.  He might show up at Christmas.

Thanks For Looking!


Georgia Girl said...

Welcome back Ms Leo! Kenya is pretty and I like her suit. The guy is cute and so are the other dolls.

Stardoll40 said...

Oh wow, I love the articulation and larger bust size. I think it's great to have different body types in our doll world. I also like the different complexion of the other dolls on the box...and TJ looks pretty cute, at least from the photo.

What store did you find them? So, is her neck like the Julia neck knob? Hmm...wonder how that works for Barbie heads? Personally, I wouldn't mind cutting the head because in order to do a proper body swap.

Love the outfit, by the way.

Thanks for sharing!

limbe dolls said...

Wow! Where did you find these ladies and who makes them?

Vanessa said...

It's nice to see these dolls have hit the market. Debbie did a post about them a couple weeks ago and I was smitten with T.J. and loved the look of the Kenya dolls. Great they are articulated. Too bad it's not easy to do a body swap. The skin color is really nice. I'm a little sad that the heads are that much bigger than Barbie. I may have to start something new for the big headed ladies.

Welcome back.

Sergio said...

YEEHH!! Wellcome back!! I missed you :(
Kenya is awesome and her friends too! You have a gift in finding cool stuffs!!

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

Kenya is gorgeous. I would not be using her as a donor. She would be kept intact and I'd probably want more than one, but the back of the box image was a little small so I was not able to tell what the other dolls look like.

Thanks for the comparison photos.

Please let us know where you purchased Kenya. Purchase sources are always helpful!


Unknown said...

Hello from Spain: welcome back to the blog. I love Kenya. I like the articulated body and her makeup. The dress she is wearing is very nice great buy!. Keep in touch

Buffy said...

Excellent review. She would make a fabulous body donor. I wouldn't use the head because it is too big for my preference, but that would mean I could cut it off rather than pull it off, thus avoiding risk of cracking the neck. Thanks for doing the skin tone comparison, that helps.

Welcome back.

Ms. Leo said...

Thanks Georgia Girl, Tracy India,limbe dolls, Vanessa, Sergio, dbg of BDE, Marta and Roville for your comments! Since I am a person that doesn't believe in reinventing the wheele, if you want to see what some of the other dolls in the collection look like please enjoy the post of dbg of BDE on her blog about them. Here is the link.

Georgia Girl, Sergio and Marta, these dolls are cute! I love the outfit on this one.

Tracy I want to put my Malibu Christie head on this one but the hole in her head is to small. Boy, I wish I had a dremel!

Limbe, they are done by Kenya's World LLC.

Vanessa, I will leave the big head blog on you!!! I love the darker complexions!

dbg of BDE, For everyone who keeps the doll in the box there are people like me who hand the packaging to the sales clerk at the register! But it is nice to know that some has it intact somewhere. I went to a car museum the other day that I didn't know existed. You need a site so that all can see your doll.

Roville, It anyone could do that, your could!

Muff said...

Stiff necks always irk me, but I think she has enough going on that it wouldn't be a deal breaker. I quite like her facial expression.

Unknown said...

Sooo cool. But sadly my Family Dollar doesn't have them. I think I'm going to have to go on a scouting trip to all the surrounding towns. They look awesome but $20.00 for a "clone" ? Kinda high.

D7ana said...

Congrats on your find, Ms. Leo! Suit looks nice ;-D